giovedì, settembre 29, 2005

New things...

First of all yesterday I had some good news from my cousin. She's pregnant and a new baby'll be born next April. I'm so happy!!! He/she will be the first baby in my family and we'll prepare for him/her so many things...I've already started planning what to stitch.

Then...I think I'm crazy about cross stitch. I've already joined a new SAL. On EMS forum Selina is organizing a SAL of the freebie of Passione Ricamo, the Topiaries. We're going to stitch one in two months. It should not be demanding...and I'll use fabrics of Silkweaver, so I'll be able to take part in the Showcase 2005, I hope. We'll start stitching the winter topiary next 15 October.

I've not finished yet. When I read blogs of cross stitch or patchwork I don't feel productive. I saw so many interesting things and every day I find new starting points and ideas. I would like to do everything! So I wondered why I don't feel productive. I think it's beacuse of my big projects. I usually stitch big projects and I have few finishes at home. Then I decided to start stitching something smaller than my usual patterns.
Here is it!

I started stitching a pattern of Margaret Sherry, the Little Kate of March/April. It's about 50w x 50H and I'll be able to finish it soon. To tell the truth it'll be a big project too. I'm going to stitch all the nine patterns of Little Kate and sew a quilt. It's an ambitious project but I think it'll give me so much satisfaction. And I'll have nine little finishes!!!

The new question of the SBQ is:

Have you ever just quit a project while in the midst of it? (We're notreferring to UFOs here, rather projects that you know that you'llnever work on again.) Why? What did you do with it - throw it out,give it away, put it away?

No, I haven't. I'm usually very obstinate. When I start stitching something I always finish it. Yes, I have a lot of UFOs but I'm going to stitch all of them. I don't like to leave unfinished things. I need a lot of time to finish everytihng but I finish them. For example I also read books I don't like if I've already started reading them.

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Carol ha detto...

Yep, would love a Rose of Sharon SAL! How about beginning of next year some time?? I think I will stitch mine using the pink/reddish conversion on the Mirabilia BB.... or maybe go with the yellow.... not at all sure yet! Guess I better walk around the house and figure out where she would hang well, and that will help determine the color :-) I am looking forward to watching your PR topiaries grow - I think those are so elegant!

Chiara ha detto...

Hi BEA, sorry I'm late but better late than never...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Tanti auguri