venerdì, giugno 30, 2006


My HoHRH is back. I had decided to start stitching this design as a SAL with Carol. I worked on it only at the begininnig of the SAL, then I was busy with other projects and I have not been stitching it for many weeks. As I saw the good progresses of Danielle some days ago I decided to pull out it again. I stitched only a bit, just the words and the border with flowers. I also started the roof of the first house. It's not a good progress but it's a progress. My new goal is working on this pattern every month. I'm trying to reduce my UFOs.

mercoledì, giugno 28, 2006

Small finish

During the past week-end we were busy, as always. Last Saturday we went to the church for the wedding of two friends, in the evening my best friend invited us for dinner and on Sunday we went to eat pizza with other friends.
So I didn't stitch as I hoped.
I could finish only my monthly Flip-It. The picture is not good. I'm having some problems to take pictures of the Flip-Its and I can't understand why this happens. I think it depends on the red colours.

I've also a progress on The bookshelf by LHN. It's a very small progress: I stitched only the words "The bookshelf".

By the way, on the 15th of July I'll start a new LHN SAL. We decided to stitch Daisy Lane Cottage and if you like joining us you can partecipate or take a look at the LHN group.

I'm also in a different SAL. I read about it on Karen's blog and I had to join it. It sounds great and we'll stitch Quacker Garden by Blackbird Designs. I've already put my order and I hope it'll arrive soon!

Yesterday I decided to create an album where we can see my future pojects. I started uploading some pictures and they'll grow quickly, I'm sure about it. I've been wanting to create one since I saw Carol's ones.

mercoledì, giugno 21, 2006

Busy days

I've not been writing for a long time because the past days were very busy, I couldn't stitch a lot and I didn't feel motivated to write a post.

Last week I finished The Tea Room by Country Cottage Needlework. It was a joy to stitch this pattern. I loved the colours and the design, I also love tea, so this pattern became one of my recent favorite patterns.

Stitched on 32ct Lugana, Sand, by Silkweaver.

I also finished my monthly Christmas ornament. There is only a Santa left on the leaflet. I'm going to stitch this one during July, then I'll have to choose a new series of Santas but I'll stitch the new series during September, I suppose.

I'm a bit late with the monthly Flip-It. I only stitched the block on the left and I've quite finished the background of the block on the right. I love that colour (Aztec Red by WDW).

martedì, giugno 13, 2006

During the past week-end I was pretty busy and I couldn't stitch a lot.
On Saturday we went to a party and I didn't stitch during the day because I had to prepare something to eat.
On Sunday we decided to put in some vases the plants we had bought in the morning. We want to try to grow chili pepper plants. We like chili pepper but we have never planted it yet.

I worked on my Christmas ornament and I've quite finished his dress.

I'm posting my progress on The bookshelf. I feel really motivated stitching it because Diane Williams, the designer of LHN, joined our LHN group and she talks with us. It's a joy to read her posts!

giovedì, giugno 08, 2006

Some pictures

I've not been writing for some days so I have many pictures to share.

First of all last 1st of June we started The Bookshelf by LHN as a SAL.
I decided to stitch it on a 32ct Lugana, Hazelnut by Silkweaver.
Here is my progress:

As a new month arrived I started stitching both the monthly designs I have in my goals' list: June's Flip-Its and a new Christmas ornament.

I worked on the first block of the Flip-Its and I've quite finished. I like it!

The Christmas ornament is the seventh one. In the Old World Santas leaflet there're 8 Santas so I'm choosing the next series of Santa to stitch in the next months.

Finally I've had good news about my envelopes. At the beginning of April I had sent my first envelope for a mail art exchange on the EMS Italian forum. It seemed to be lost but my parter wrote me some days ago and she told me that both the envelopes arrived! In fact I had stitched a second one because I wanted my partner to receive at least an envelope.

The first one has an Easter theme. I stitched an egg and a kitchen I found in two different patterns by Tralala! (French designer). I used a red over-dyed floss, Needle Necessities 1531. The words mean "Happy Easter".
I stitched both the envelopes on a piece of Aida that I dyed with tea. I òiked how the fabric turned out.

The front:

The back:

For the second envelope I decided to use a part of Lavender Hill pattern by LHN. I know my partner likes LHN patterns. I stitched the sheeps and some lavender. On the back side I attached two buttons that I made by myself.

The front:

The back:


venerdì, giugno 02, 2006

New finish, goals and UFO

During the past days I forgot to post the May's Flip-It. I finished it and I like this one very much.

I also finished another Christmas ornament, the sixth one. I'm so happy because I'll not be able to stitch one during August. I'll have twelve ornaments at the end of the year all the same.

Here is my most recent progress on The Tea Room. It's a lovely pattern and it's a joy to stitch it. It has soft colours and it shouldn't take a long time.

Now I have to review my May's goals. They were:

- stitch the May's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate

- finish the fifth Christmas ornament by Prairie Schooler
yes, I finished the fifth and I started stitching another that I have already finished

- work on Celtic Summer or Once upon a time
no :(

- finish the rings pillow for my friend

- work on some UFOs
yes!! I pulled out the Terre de France at the beginning of the month and I also worked on The Stitcher by Homespun Elegance

- stitch an envelope for the second mail art exchange
I prepared everything but I had to stitch a second envelope for my first partner because we thought that the first one was lost

I think that I could stick to my goals' schedule. The secret is choosing quick and easy my June's goals are:

- stitch the envelope for the second mail art exchange
- work on some UFOs
- stitch the June's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate
- finish another Christmas ornament by Prairie Schooler
- work on Celtic Summer or Once upon a time
- work on The bookshelf and The Tea Room

About my UFOs I'm happy because during this month I worked on some of them a bit. I'm still motivated reading Danielle's blog. She pulled out all her UFOs and she wants to work on them, so I decided to make a list of my UFOs/WIPs too. I could be ispired by this list during June.

  1. Little kate by Margaret Sherry - I want to stitch all the ten patterns to sew a quilt with these
  2. Cookin' up magic, a kit by Mill Hill
  3. Enchanted Alphabet by Lavender&Lace
  4. Once upon a time by Passione Ricamo
  5. Terre de France by Annick Abriail
  6. The Stitcher by Homespun Elegance (SAL with Veronica)
  7. Celtic Summer by Lavender&Lace
  8. Christian's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush
  9. Elf Christmas fairy by Mirabilia
  10. Archie by Margaret Sherry - I'm stitching it on a towel that I would have liked to give as a gift to a friend but I've not finished it yet
  11. The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings
  12. 12 Flip-Its by Lizzie Kate (SAL with other Italian friends)
  13. 12 Christmas ornaments by Prairie Schooler (one for month)
  14. The Tea Room by Country Cottage Needleworks
  15. The bookshelf by Little House Needleworks (started SAL yesterday)

The list is long enough.

Today is a National holiday in Italy so we've a long weekend. I hope to change the poll on the right and add some new links.

By the way, here are the poll's results:

The bookshelf 29
Season of rest 8
Starlight Sampler 7
City Stitcher*Country Stitcher 7
Peace and plenty 6

Happy stitching, ladies!