domenica, luglio 30, 2006


This is probably my last post before holidays.
I was really busy during these days because I had to organize the journey and search so many hotels/bed&breakfast for our stay in Portugal.

We'll be on holidays till 22 August.

I've not had enough time to stitch. I only finished my monthly Flip-It. I decided to take some supplies with me but I imagine I'll not stitch a stitch during the holidays.
Here is the finish.

Happy holidays!

lunedì, luglio 24, 2006

What a great start!

Finally I'm in the SAL.
I have my supplies and I could start stitching Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs. I can't beleive it! I had been waiting for my supplies for a long time.
Stitching this pattern is a lot of fun and the more I stitch it the more I'd like to stitch. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I'll be on holiday from 31th July to 22th August and I'll not be able to stitch during those days. I'll take designs and supplies with me but I imagine that I'll not stitch.

I hope to stitch a lot during this week.

Here is my progress on Quaker Garden (stitched on Lugana 32ct, Mocha by Silkweaver) and on Daisy Lane Cottage.

giovedì, luglio 20, 2006

Happy dance!

I've not been posting for some days so I've an important progress to share.
Finally I finished The Stitcher by Homespun Elegance. This design has been an UFO for a long time. I started stitching it last year as a SAL with an Italian friend, Veronica. We decided to use this pattern as fibers' experimentation. We changed all the colours called for this pattern and I used some of the threads I had received when I took part in the Fiber Fenzy by PawPrint.
This is the result:

I'm pretty happy how it turned out. It was not too easy to find some colours matching the Olde Willow I had chosen for the dress of the stitcher. It's Psychedelia and it's very variegated.

I also attached some lovely buttons I could find in Florence in September. I can't beleive I found them here in Italy, but I did. They are buttons by Dress It Up.

I've not received my supplies for the Quaker Garden yet. I'm really impatient. I saw the wonderful finish of Karen and I'm so happy to have decided to stitch it.

In the meantime I worked on my monthly Flip-It by Lizzie Kate and I started stitching Daisy Lane Cottage as a SAL with the LHN group. I also created an album for my 2006 finishes and I'm updating my future projects' album. I'm reviewing all my patterns and I'm adding them slowly.

giovedì, luglio 13, 2006

A lot of pictures

I'm trying to catch up with the pictures I should have uploaded during the past days.

During the past week-end I could sew some ornaments and a wall-hanging. I also framed two designs so I have some real finishes.

For the Christmas ornaments I chose an easy finish. I sewed them using only a fabric. The fabrics are by Meme's Quilt. Here are them:

I sewed a wall hanging using Be my love by Carriage House Samplings. I had found the right fabric several weeks ago and finally it's ready!

The framed works are Coffee Menu by LHN and The Tea Room by CCN. I went to the framer's shop and he prepared two frames. I'm happy how they turned out.

About other stitching news I started stitching my monthly Flip-It by Lizzie Kate. Here is my small progress:

Unfortunately I've not received my supplies for the Quaker Garden SAL organized by Karen. They are taking a lot of time and many of the other ladies have quite finished their samplers. I hope to receive my pattern in the next days, so I'll be able to start stitching it before my holidays in August.

Some weeks ago I had tried to prepare something using decoupage. Finally I took some pictures of it and here is the result:

giovedì, luglio 06, 2006


July has already arrived and it's time to review my June's goals.
Many stitchers have also reviewed this year's goals because half year passed. I'll do it too.

June's goals were:
- stitch the envelope for the second mail art exchange
worked on it, but not finished

- work on some UFOs
I pulled out only HOHRH

- stitch the June's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate

- finish another Christmas ornament by Prairie Schooler

- work on Celtic Summer or Once upon a time
no :(

- work on The bookshelf and The Tea Room
yes, I worked on The Bookshelf and I finished The Tea Room

My July's goals are:

- finish the envelope for my second exchange of mail art
- stitch July's Flip-It blocks by LK
- stitch the monthly Christmas ornament
- stitch a block of Terre de France
- work a bit on HOHRH by Carriage House Samplings
- work on The bookshelf
- start the Daisy Lane Cottage SAL (15th of July)
- start the Quacker Garden SAL (the SAL has already started but I'm till waiting for my pattern and fibers)

July looks a busy month...
I could find the post about my 2006 goals. Reviewing them:

-Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace by Passione Ricamo SAL with Carol
we've not started it yet

-12 Flip-it by Lizzie Kate SAL. Every month we'll stitch the monthly Flip-it
yes, I've stitched six Flip-Its during these six months

- finish Terre de France by Annick Abrial, Christmas Elf Fairy by Mirabilia, Christian's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush, Be my love by Carriage House Samplings
finished only Be my love by CHS

- work on Once upon a time by Passione Ricamo, Celtic Summer by Lavender&Lace, Little Kate's patterns by Margaret Sherry
I worked a bit on Once upon a time and Celtic Summer

-finish the Mill Hill kit about Halloween

-The rose of Sharon by Mirabilia SAL with Carol (sometimes during the year)
we've not started it yet

- some ornaments for my Christmas tree
I stitched an ornament for month (to tell the truth they are seven ornaments because during August I'll not be able to stitch one and I've already finished that)

- a needlecase for me

- start and finish some LHN designs (Coffee Menu, The bookshelf...)
yes, I finished Coffee Menu and Lavender Hill, I started The bookshelf

Now I'm sharing my most recent progress on The bookshelf. I finished the top of the pattern but I've not stitched the golden parts because I have to decide what kind of fiber I'll use. I don't like the DMC one, I think I'll use a Rainbow Gallery one.

domenica, luglio 02, 2006

It's hot!

It's so hot that stitching a lot is not possible.
I started stitching the last Santa of Old World Santas by Prairie Schooler. I've not decided the next series to use but the Santas will be bigger than these ones.

Here is the only progress I can share.

In the morning we went to Arezzo with two friends. Every month there is a big antiques' show in the streets and square of this Tuscan city. Our friends wanted to buy something and we decided to go with them. Unfortunately they didn't find anything but it was colder than in Florence so we spent a nice morning.

Now we're at home and it's so hot!

Some pictures of Arezzo's squares and streets.