martedì, marzo 29, 2005

Happy Easter with happy dance!

It was a really Happy Easter.
We had lunch with Lore's family, we were 9 and we enjoyed ourselves. It rained all the day so we stayed at home playing with our oldest nephew. At seven we came back home and I talked by phone with mt bestfriend just to wish her Happy Easter. Then we had dinner with my family at my grandmother's home. We were 14! There were almost all my cousins. My cousin Francy would have liked to see my Mirabilia but it was late and we decided to come back home. But I had to finish my Mirabilia...I should have stitched just a bit...and I did! I finished it! And I couldn't beleive it! I'm so happy till now...
Here is it!

sabato, marzo 26, 2005

New question

What are your thoughts on craft and/or needlework shows? Have you been
to one or are you planning on going to one this year?

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I live in Florence and I'm really far from every kind of craft or needlework shows. There is only a craft show in Florence during April every year. I went sometimes but I have never found something of interesting. It looks at african or other countries' craft and there is not anything about cross stitch or patchwork... Certainly I'd like very much to go to one about cross stitch or patchwork, but I don't know where I could go...

giovedì, marzo 24, 2005


Finally yesterday I finished to attach all the beads. I could finish my Mirabilia before Easter...I can't beleive it! It would be wonderful! I have to use only the Rainbow Gallery's Wisper!

mercoledì, marzo 23, 2005

138 is...

...the number of the beads I have to attach on my Mirabilia.....I'm so excited! It seems to draw to an end! I'll attach all the beads before Easter, I hope. Than I'll use the Wisper thread and my first Mirabilia's pattern will be finished! I can't beleive it...
Yesterday I attached beads from 10 p.m. till 12 p.m., but I finished the first part of the sampler too. I'm showing a pic, that is not the current sampler's situation. On the other hand we can see how nice hand-dyed thread is on that linen!

lunedì, marzo 21, 2005

I love shopping!

During my weekend I stitched a bit. We went to shopping!
Finally I came back to my favourite herbalist's shop and I bought a beauty cream to have some face packs. Together I received some bath shower samples. I love little samples!!
I decided to buy a loom too. I had never tried one but my cousin and my friends tell that it's useful and the stitches come better. I don't think so because I tried to use it but my stitches didn't change!! I'll try to use it again in the next days.
After shopping we came back to our pizzeria and to the cinema. There was a really nice Italian film.
Yesterday we went to shopping again. Lore is searching a bigger TV but he couldn't find yet. At seven we came back home and finally I could stitch a bit after dinner (a really good dinner...with fresh pasta!).
I attached some beads for my Mirabilia's pattern. I'm going to attach all of them during this week. Instead I'm uploading a pic of my charity's project that I stitched before weekend.

domenica, marzo 20, 2005

Stitching blogger's question

The mail with the weekly question seems not to be arrived (or I didn't read it?).
Well, I was reading Carol's blog and I saw it. I decided to answer immediately.

On average, how many hours a week (7 days) do you think that you spend cross-stitching?
I try to stitch a bit every day, but I can't everyday. Usually I stitch in the evening after dinner for about 2 hours. During my weekends I can stitch many hours or I can't stitch at all! It depends on our friends and my houseworks. If we invit friends for dinner, I have not enough time to stitch.
I think I can say that my average is about 14 hours and 22 hours if I stitch in my weekend.

mercoledì, marzo 16, 2005

How can I use all my hand-dyed fibers?

This is the progress on my sampler. To stitch it I'm enjoying myself very much. I love hand-dyed fibers and I'm really happy to use one for this project.

I'm thinking about using all my hand-dyed threads too. Now they are so many...and I have many Watercolours fibers. How can I use them??

martedì, marzo 15, 2005

The lord of the rings and the lady of the stitches

Yesterday I watched on TV the second part of "The lord of the ring". I love that film!
During the publicity's pauses I updated my website: I uploaded a new free pattern for Easter. During the film I watched some scenes and listened to all the dialogues, as many stitchers do in front of TV. I stitched my bear and my sampler. The sampler is really funny! I'm going to upload a picture soon, even if I haven't stitched the first part yet. I'm stitching the borders and the tree of the first part.
Finally I received my February assortment of fibers. What strange thing! It arrived this morning and my March assortment of fibers arrived this morning too... Double surprise!

lunedì, marzo 14, 2005


During my weekend I could start and stitch a free sampler that I had seen several months ago. I'd have liked to stitch as I saw it, but I had to finish some of the projects for charity. So I decided to put off it. If one likes France it's a really nice pattern. I went to France three times and I loved Paris and other towns. So I had to stitch it! The designer has already published seven parts of this pattern and I'd like to close the gap before next part.
I chose a 36ct linen, Summer Khaki Edinborough linen by Zweigart and a thread of Crescent Colours, Bandana.

During these days I attached some beads on my Mirabilia's WIP too but they're so many!! Will I finish it??

sabato, marzo 12, 2005

It was a good morning

It arrived! My first pattern of Elizabeth's designs: Nature's Alphabet. I want to use its motives for a linen tablecloth. I'll have to edge the linen, I'm thinking how to do it. Then I'll place some marks and stitch the motives where marks are.
I received some threads too and a piece of fabric that I need for a special project. The threads are for a sampler that I want to start in the next days. I'd have liked to start it this evening but we're going to have a pizza and a cinema.

venerdì, marzo 11, 2005

New project!

Last Wednesday I decided to start a Bent Creek's pattern. It's "Signs of Spring". Spring is coming. It was sunny in Florence during these days and I thought that the right moment for spring's stitches had arrived.
I stitched using only a thread, Maple Syrup of GAST. I need all the others colours and I'm waiting for them.

But I could go on with my bear too. I finished all the stitches in DMC 436 and DMC 435. It's turning out nice!

giovedì, marzo 10, 2005

Do you have a favorite designer (or designers)? If so, who is it and why is
he or she your favorite?

I can't tell who is my favorite designer. I like so many designers, but Jeremiah Junction is my weakness, he was my first love! But I love Bent Creek and Lizzie Kate too. Elizabeth's designs is the designer of the moment: I discovered her few months ago.

mercoledì, marzo 09, 2005

no stitches, no threads

I didn't stitch anything yesterday. I was so angry! There're some problems in the editor that I use for my website. I'll have to change all the pages!
And I've not received yet my monthly assortment of fibers. It's the February's one and I think it's lost...
I'm going to console myself beginning a new pattern. I've half a mind to stitch a Bent Creek's pattern, but I need some hand-dyed threads and I have not all of them...I want to see how things are going!

martedì, marzo 08, 2005

The end!

Yesterday I finished the backstitch for a pattern of Gloria&Pat. It'll be quilted for OTB with other 11 blocks.

venerdì, marzo 04, 2005

Bearatitude: definition

Yesterday I continued one of my WIPs. I used only DMC 436 to stitch bear's hands.

This pattern is destined to be quilted with other 11 bears. The quilter will assembly all the blocks to sew a quilt for charity in Italy.
This evening I have not stitched yet. I prepared a cheesecake for my boyfriend's birthday. Tomorrow we'll have a dinner with eight friends.
I'm not going to stitch...I'm a bit tired and I can't wait to start reading a new book. It's "Tears of the giraffe" written by Alexander McCall Smith. I borrowed it from my town's library this morning.

giovedì, marzo 03, 2005

My first post

Finally I decided to publish my first blog.
I'm an Italian girl, but I'll write in English. This is a way to do my daily English "homework". I studied English so many years ago, but I think I should know better this language: I can practise my English by my blog.
I hope you'll forgive all my future mistakes. I hope you'll enjoy yourselves by reading my pages too.
I'll writing about my stitching and patchwork works, my dolls, my recipes, my books and everything that I like.