martedì, agosto 30, 2005

First pictures

I started stitching yesterday.
I'm working on some projects and I decided some goals for September. First of all I'm going to take part in the Celtic Ladies SAL organized by Carol. We're some ladies who're stitching different Celtic ladies by L&L. I picked the Summer one but with alternative colours. I've to decide what fabric I want to use. I can't wait for starting the SAL.
Then I'm stitching a bookmark for an International exchange on EMS forum and Isabelle... you're right! I think I should stitch something for me next time!!! I can't upload my progress because of my secret partner. I don't want her to see what I'm stitching for her.

And I started stitching another charity's project. It's a Margaret Sherry dog, Dramatic. Here is my little progress!!!

And few stitches on my Terre de France. It's the first pattern I stitched since I came back home. Few stitches. So I decided to upload the picture of the fabric and not of the block I'm working on. The picture is not good...but we can see as the fabric is turning out.

About Ireland Lore is chosing the most beautiful pictures. We have more than 2500 pictures. I decided to keep the ones I made on my computer and I picked two of them to start and pubblish something of our holidays.

Here is the Blarney castle in the south of Ireland.

Here is the country in south of Ireland, near Mizen Head.

venerdì, agosto 26, 2005

I'm back!!!

Yesterday we came back home.
We spent beautiful days in Ireland: we loved it!!! To tell the truth I missed Florence and Italy during our days in Dublin but I was also sad to leave Ireland.
I'm going to upload some pictures in the next days.
I had a cross stitch project in Ireland but I couldn't stitch anything: we travelled all around the island and I had not enough time to stitch...I've just finished "The Da Vinci code" because I should have returned it to my library last week.
I'm going to talk about Ireland again when I pubblish some pictures.

Now I'm uploading some pictures of cross stitch projects.
Before holidays I had stitched some little sachets, one for Carol's birthday and two for my French partner in an International sachet exchange on EMS forum.

I had also finished my second envelope for the Italian mail art exchange. My partner has already received it and I can upload the pictures: the right and the back sides.

Thank you for all your posts!!!

mercoledì, agosto 03, 2005

Little Happy Dance!!!

I should have finished my Margaret Sherry cat for charity before going on holidays and here is it!!!

It was hard to finish it. It took me a very long time and I don't think I'll stitch another Margaret Sherry cat on Aida!!! This is my last one!
I'm not really happy how it turned out...but it's done!

Now I'm going on holidays to Ireland. I'll be off from today till 25 August. I hope to write again as soon as possible, but I don't know when.

Happy holidays!