giovedì, ottobre 26, 2006

A finish

Finally I received my package with the DMC threads and I could finish my charity project.
Here is the result:

It was a funny and quick pattern. I really enjoyed it and I'm happy that it's for Quilt America.

I stitched a bit also Pear Tree Inn by LHN. I'm stitching it slowly because I have other deadlines during this month and I usually stitch it as a relaxing pattern.

Yesterday was Wednesday so it was the day of my Celtic Summer. I stitched her but I'm working on her big skirt and after two weeks of work we can't see any progress yet. This is why I have not a picture of her.

martedì, ottobre 24, 2006

Again UFOs

After finishing an UFO I decided to review all my UFOs and I noticed they are too many.

Enchanted Alphabet by L&L
Celtic Summer by L&L
Once upon a time by Passione Ricamo
HOHR by Carriage House Samplings
Christian's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush
Little Kate by Margaret Sherry
Christmas Elf Fairy by Mirabilia
a towel I started stitching for a friend

I decided to dedicate a day for week to one of these UFOs and yesterday I started stitching again Christian's Stocking. I chose this one because I decided to stitch it for Lore last year. I had finished a stocking for me and I'd like to stitch one for Lore too.
I'm not posting my progress because we can't see it...I hope to post the progress next week.

Veronica and I decided to dedicate also an hour to our ladies by L&L. We stitch together every Wednesday. I added a very nice button she created for me. Again the progress is not so important and I will not post a picture.

During the past week I've quite finished my charity project. I should send it away during next days but I'm waiting for a package with DMC fibers and it has not arrived yet.

And my progress on the monthly Flip-It:

lunedì, ottobre 16, 2006


I love autumn's colours and everything talking about this season.
Yesterday we went to a wood in the country near Florence. We wanted to search some mushrooms but we met a snake at the beginning of the walk and we decided to walk following the path. At the end of the walk my basket for mushrooms was till empty. LOL!
Fortunately one of Lore's aunts gave us some mushrooms and we had a very autumnal dinner! Mushrooms and chestnuts!!!

Me and the (empty) basket

In the wood

Mushrooms and chestnuts for dinner

Lore cooked pasta with mushrooms

and mushrooms

We also played the guitar...well, Lore played the guitar, I played just one or two songs.

During the past days I also finished a kit by Mill Hill I started stitching last year. I fell in love with this funny kit and I immediately purchased. I worked hard on it but I couldn't finish before Halloween. I pulled it out last week because I was going to finish before Halloween (2006!). I worked on beading and this is the result:

I also changed my mini poll. Please, vote!
I'm going to work on my kitted up patterns and I've 31 patterns ready to stitch. I chose five of these and I'd like you to help me to decide the one I'll stitch in the next weeks. Thanks!

The old poll was about two WIPs. I finished both of them, so I closed it.
The votes were 34 and 20 were for The bookshelf by LHN and 14 for Tea Room by CCN.

venerdì, ottobre 13, 2006

Small projects

During the past days I worked only on small projects.

Finally I finished a Flip-It by Lizzie Kate, the one dedicated to August. I don't like the colours in the picture but I had to use the flash. I hope to make a better picture when it will be finished into a little pillow.

I have also a progress on the charity project. I like the colours of these patterns. They're really brigth and I'm really enjoying stitching mine. It's the letter P by an alphabet I don't know. The leader of this project gave us the letter we chose at the beginning of the work. I chose the letter of my surname.

Do you see that it's a P?

I have never posted the second envelope I sent for an Italian mail art exchange.
We sent the second envelopes during the summer. I chose an angel by Joanne Elliott because she's the favourite designer of my second partner. Unfortunately I have not a pattern by Joanne Elliott about summer, so I thought to stitch a little scissor fob with marine themes to send together.

Front of my envelope for Cristina:

Back of my envelope for Cristina:

Inside of my envelope for Cristina and scissor fob:

mercoledì, ottobre 04, 2006

I'm back...

Finally I'm back.
I've not been writing for about a month.
September finished and it was a very sad month. This is why I didn't feel writing posts.
We were in mourning. Lore's father in law suddendly passed away and he left his wife, Lore's sister, and two children. It was a great loss to our family and we were really busy with a lot of things.
I would like to apologize for not taking part in your blogs with posts and not sending what I had to send.
A new month arrived and it's time to speak again about cross stitch and goals.

My September goals were:
- stitch August and September Flip-It by LK no!

- stitch the monthly Christmas ornament no!

- finish The bookshelf YES!!

- finish Daisy Lane Cottage YES!!

- stitch a block of Terre de France no!

- start a pattern by Sisters and Best Friends as a SAL with some Italian friends YES!!

- work on Quaker Garden no...

Here are the October's goals:

- stitch August, September and October Flip-It by LK
- stitch the monthly Christmas ornament and the September one
- stitch a block of Terre de France
- work on the pattern by Sisters and Best Friends started as a SAL with some Italian friends
- work on Quaker Garden
- finish a charity pattern I started last month
- work on Merry Christmas by Brightneedle (SAL with some French ladies)

- finish the curtains for my kitchen (I worked on them during September and I'm pretty happy about the results)

Now we can see the pictures of my progresses during the past month.

I started Winter Peace, a pattern by Sisters and Best Friends that I'm stitching as a SAL with some Italian friends.

Yesterday I started stitching the Pear Tree Inn by Little House Needleworks as autumnal SAL with the ladies of the LHN group.

I started a charity pattern to take part in a project for Love Quilt America.

I worked on the August Flip-It by Lizzie Kate.

I finished The Bookshelf by LHN.

Stitched on Lugana 32ct, Hazelnut, Silkweaver.

And I finished the Daisy Lane Cottage by LHN.