venerdì, ottobre 13, 2006

Small projects

During the past days I worked only on small projects.

Finally I finished a Flip-It by Lizzie Kate, the one dedicated to August. I don't like the colours in the picture but I had to use the flash. I hope to make a better picture when it will be finished into a little pillow.

I have also a progress on the charity project. I like the colours of these patterns. They're really brigth and I'm really enjoying stitching mine. It's the letter P by an alphabet I don't know. The leader of this project gave us the letter we chose at the beginning of the work. I chose the letter of my surname.

Do you see that it's a P?

I have never posted the second envelope I sent for an Italian mail art exchange.
We sent the second envelopes during the summer. I chose an angel by Joanne Elliott because she's the favourite designer of my second partner. Unfortunately I have not a pattern by Joanne Elliott about summer, so I thought to stitch a little scissor fob with marine themes to send together.

Front of my envelope for Cristina:

Back of my envelope for Cristina:

Inside of my envelope for Cristina and scissor fob:

2 commenti:

Chiara ha detto...

Hi Bea,your work are lovely..I read your prevous post and I'm sorry for your loss..

Chelle ha detto...

Your mail art is awesome! I can see the letter "P" in your charity project. Very kewl! Congrats on the Flip-It finish. They are such cute little designs!