mercoledì, agosto 30, 2006

I'm back!

I came back home few days ago but I was so busy that I couldn't write a post before today.
The holidays were really good and I hope to select some pictures as soon as possible. I've not had enough time yet.

Fortunately I have some pictures to share about cross stitch.

I could stitch during the holidays. I stitched only a bit, but I stitched and this is a surprise!
I worked on the Quaker Garden only when I was in Portugal and here is the progress:

When I came back home I pulled out my old projects and I stitched The bookshelf and Daisy Lane Cottage by LHN.

I'm working hard on these lovely patterns because I want to finish them and start stitching all the patterns of the Dear Diary series before the end of the year. I'll sew them into a quilt and it seems to be a big work. I imagine it will take me all the next year.

Otherwise I'm late with my monthly goals. I have to stitch the July's Christmas ornament because I couldn't finish it before August. I also have to stitch the August Flip-It by LK and this will be in my next goals.

Here is the progress on the Christmas ornament started in July. I have quite finished it, so I think it will not be in the goals of the next month.

So, here are my goals for September:

- stitch August and September Flip-It by LK
- stitch the monthly Christmas ornament
- finish The bookshelf
- finish Daisy Lane Cottage
- stitch a block for Terre de France
- start a pattern by Sisters and Best Friends as a SAL with some Italian friends
- work on Quaker Garden

I should add other goals such as
- prepare a fabric for a big SAL starting at the beginning of 2007 with an Italian friend
- sew two curtains for my kitchen
- ...

Well, I'm pretty busy.