mercoledì, agosto 30, 2006

I'm back!

I came back home few days ago but I was so busy that I couldn't write a post before today.
The holidays were really good and I hope to select some pictures as soon as possible. I've not had enough time yet.

Fortunately I have some pictures to share about cross stitch.

I could stitch during the holidays. I stitched only a bit, but I stitched and this is a surprise!
I worked on the Quaker Garden only when I was in Portugal and here is the progress:

When I came back home I pulled out my old projects and I stitched The bookshelf and Daisy Lane Cottage by LHN.

I'm working hard on these lovely patterns because I want to finish them and start stitching all the patterns of the Dear Diary series before the end of the year. I'll sew them into a quilt and it seems to be a big work. I imagine it will take me all the next year.

Otherwise I'm late with my monthly goals. I have to stitch the July's Christmas ornament because I couldn't finish it before August. I also have to stitch the August Flip-It by LK and this will be in my next goals.

Here is the progress on the Christmas ornament started in July. I have quite finished it, so I think it will not be in the goals of the next month.

So, here are my goals for September:

- stitch August and September Flip-It by LK
- stitch the monthly Christmas ornament
- finish The bookshelf
- finish Daisy Lane Cottage
- stitch a block for Terre de France
- start a pattern by Sisters and Best Friends as a SAL with some Italian friends
- work on Quaker Garden

I should add other goals such as
- prepare a fabric for a big SAL starting at the beginning of 2007 with an Italian friend
- sew two curtains for my kitchen
- ...

Well, I'm pretty busy.

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Carol ha detto...

Wow, you have made some good progress on several projects. I am glad you had a nice holiday and really look forward to your photos. Welcome back, I missed you!!

Isabelle ha detto...

Welcome back, Bea! Lovely progress on your WIPs! I love them all :)

Chelle ha detto...

Welcome back! You sure did make progress during your holiday. Love your Quaker Garden the best, but they are all wonderful.

zoeandcooper ha detto...

Great progress on all your pieces. Can't wait to see more now you are back:)

Anna van Schurman ha detto...

Good progress! Welcome back.

Carol ha detto...

Bea, did you get the package I sent you while you were away?

Singular Stitches ha detto...

Welcome back! I'm so glad to hear your holiday was wonderful (looking forward to seeing some pics!).

Wow, you got some lovely stitching done, too!

Ulla ha detto...

Wellcome back from holidays and wellcome to the paradise of embroidery.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Katrina ha detto...

Hi Bea, great to see you back from your holiday - look forward to seeing some photos when you have time to post them :)

KarenV ha detto...

All of your WIPs look lovely Bea - great progress!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel ha detto...

Welcome back, Bea! Great progresses, The Bookshelf is looking lovely, almost finished! Sounds like you have some great goals lined up.