mercoledì, settembre 06, 2006


During the past days I didn't stitch as I would have liked but I could finish the Santa I had started stitching in July.

Now I can cut the fabric and sew the four ornaments I stitched on this piece.
I've already chosen the new Santa. He'll be the 1996 PS Santa. I stitched a bit and I started his hat.

I've also finished a block of Terre de France by Annick Abrial but it's not the block that is in my goals. I had quite finished this one before August and I didn't work a lot on it during the week-end. Now I'm going to start and finish a new block and this will be my September block.

I'm also impatient to see the new marquoir that Annick will publish in October. I loved Terre de France and I hope she'll create a new beautiful sampler to stitch. To tell the truth they're big works but I imagine how I'd be happy if I could finish one!

I've not uploaded my holidays pictures yet but I finished to upload the pictures of my kitted up patterns. I can't beleive they're so many! They will take me at least a whole year.
And my future projects' list is growing quickly. I've not finished it yet and I've already created a new one!!!

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Chelle ha detto...

Beautiful finishes! I love the color you are using for Terre de France. Very pretty! I too am anxious to see what Annick Abrial's next project will be. I love your photo lists, you are so organized!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel ha detto...

Santa is very nice, Bea. Terre de France is such a beautiful project, good luck on working on it.

We all have our future projects lists, don't we? :) have fun!

Ulla ha detto...

The Christmas is so wellcome.You have so many lovely "ornaments".
Good luck
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Carol ha detto...

Great to see your WIPS up again - the France sampler must be so close now!

Dolci Fusa ha detto...

Sei stata nominata!