martedì, maggio 30, 2006

New finish, new start...

During the week-end I worked on the Christmas ornaments.
I finished the monthly one and I went on stitching the sixth. The sixth ornament should be the ornament of August. During that month we'll be off, I hope, and I will not be able to stitch a lot.

The finished one:

A good progress for the next one:

I'm happy because my Christmas goals are going on and during every month I could stitch at least one ornament but I'd like to stitch more and more to have a wonderful tree next December.

I also worked on The Stitcher by Homespun Elegance. I tried two different Needle Necessities to stitch the alphabet but I'm not sure about the result. They're the only good green colours that I have so I'll have to choose one of these even if I think that they're not right for my fabric.

Finally I started stitching my first pattern by Country Cottage Needleworks. I love these designs and I like The Tea Room very much. I started it last week and this is a good progress:

If you love CCN and LHN patterns you can join this group. My friend Veronica opened it for the stitchers loving this kind of designs and we'll start a SAL on the first of June. We're waiting for you!
(I'll take part in the SAL with The bookshelf that is the winner of my poll)

mercoledì, maggio 24, 2006

Week-end's pictures

Last Saturday my best friend got married. She didn't get married in a church so we went to the town hall because she wanted to get married at the registry office. The town hall in Florence is Palazzo Vecchio, near the Uffizi.

Here are the Uffizi and Palazzo Vecchio:

Here I'm in front of Palazzo Vecchio:

The ceremony was in a beautiful hall, called "the red hall". In fact the room was furnished with red velvet. It was the bedroom of Cosimo I dei Medici. Medici was an important family of Florence.

And this is the rings pillow I stitched and sewed for the wedding:

I decided to try silk ribbon and I used Victoria Clayton's silks. It's my first experiment and I'm quite happy how it turned out. She didn't want a cross stitch pillow and this is the idea I had for the pillow. I hope she liked it!

Sunday I could stitch and I decided to pull out an UFO. It's The Stitcher, a pattern by Homespun Elegance that I started stitching last year as SAL with Veronica, an Italian friend. We decided to change the original colours and threads of the pattern to try new and different fibers.
For example I decided to use some colours I had received by PawPrint when I was subscribed to the Fiber Fenzy Club.

Here is my progress:

I worked on the Flip-It too. I realized that I had used a wrong colour for the carrot's background, so I unstitched and I stitched it again.

I also decided to start stitching the sixth Christmas ornament of the year. June has not arrived yet but I think that I'll not be able to stitch the August ornament so I could stitch the August one during these months.

A very small progress:

lunedì, maggio 15, 2006

A lot of cross stitch pictures

First of all I'm late. I should have reviewed my April's goals and listed the May's ones but I've not done so yet.

My April's goals were:

- stitch the April's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate yes

- finish the third Christmas ornament and stitch the fourth yes

- stitch two small things for Emma, the baby of my cousin yes, I stitched a bib and I finished the nappies case. By the way I'm posting the picture now because I forgot it during the past weeks.

- start stitching a French kit that I bought some months ago no

- continue a big project like Celtic Summer or Once upon a time yes, I worked on Celtic Summer

- finish the first house in the pattern of Carriage House Samplings no

I didn't start the French kit and I didn't work on the CHS Houses but I stitched a pattern for charity (the French heart) and I started working on a rings pillow for my best friend. She'll get married next Saturday and she asked me for a rings pillow.

My May's goals are:

- stitch the May's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate

- finish the fifth Christmas ornament by Prairie Schooler

- work on Celtic Summer or Once upon a time

- finish the rings pillow for my friend

- work on some UFOs

- stitch an envelope for a mail art exchange

Now I'm posting the pictures.
This is the nappies case I stitched and sewed for Emma, my new little cousin.
I'm really happy how the nappies case turned out. The pattern is so cute!

About the mail art exchange I received the second envelope. I love it! An Italian friend sent it and she made a great work!

The front side:

The back side:


During the past days I pulled Terre de France out. Finally I worked on it a bit and I finished a new block.

And these are my progresses on the Christmas ornament and the Flip-It.

sabato, maggio 06, 2006

I'm back...

Finally I can write a new post. I was busy during the past days and I couldn't find the right moment to write something.

I came back home last Tuesday. We had another long weekend (the last one!). The first of May is a holiday here in Italy so we decided to spend some days in a beautiful island of the Tuscan. The island is Isola del Giglio and it's not so far from Florence. I went to this island eight years ago and I fell in love with it. I had been wanting to come back here since I saw it. Finally we came back and I loved it again. There were a lot of flowers, the sea was wonderful and I really enjoyed myself. We walked a lot and we visited the little towns of the island.
I'm posting some pictures but I'd like to show all the pictures I took.

About cross stitch I can post some pictures. There're progresses and finishes.

Before going to the sea I finished a pattern for charity. I had never posted its progresses because I thought to finish it in few hours but it took me more time.
It's a pattern by Passion Broderie for Savoir Faire Vailly. It's my first heart by Passion Broderie and I think that it turned out lovely. I'd like to stitch one for me too.

I also want to share the April progress on my Celtic Summer. During the past month I worked on the skirt with the blue colours.

During the past week-end I didn't stitch a lot but I've some pictures to share.

I started stitching the monthly Flip-It by Lizzie Kate. It's the May's one and I'm stitching the carrot.

I'm also stitching the monthly Christmas ornament. I changed the kind of fabric. I'll stitch the next four ornaments on linen. The fabric is a 28ct Cashel Linen, Purely Primitive by Silkweaver.

Finally I finished a little work for my kitchen.
I found the design on an Italian magazine. I've already used those designs for an apron that I had stitched last year.

The apron I had stitched last year: