lunedì, maggio 15, 2006

A lot of cross stitch pictures

First of all I'm late. I should have reviewed my April's goals and listed the May's ones but I've not done so yet.

My April's goals were:

- stitch the April's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate yes

- finish the third Christmas ornament and stitch the fourth yes

- stitch two small things for Emma, the baby of my cousin yes, I stitched a bib and I finished the nappies case. By the way I'm posting the picture now because I forgot it during the past weeks.

- start stitching a French kit that I bought some months ago no

- continue a big project like Celtic Summer or Once upon a time yes, I worked on Celtic Summer

- finish the first house in the pattern of Carriage House Samplings no

I didn't start the French kit and I didn't work on the CHS Houses but I stitched a pattern for charity (the French heart) and I started working on a rings pillow for my best friend. She'll get married next Saturday and she asked me for a rings pillow.

My May's goals are:

- stitch the May's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate

- finish the fifth Christmas ornament by Prairie Schooler

- work on Celtic Summer or Once upon a time

- finish the rings pillow for my friend

- work on some UFOs

- stitch an envelope for a mail art exchange

Now I'm posting the pictures.
This is the nappies case I stitched and sewed for Emma, my new little cousin.
I'm really happy how the nappies case turned out. The pattern is so cute!

About the mail art exchange I received the second envelope. I love it! An Italian friend sent it and she made a great work!

The front side:

The back side:


During the past days I pulled Terre de France out. Finally I worked on it a bit and I finished a new block.

And these are my progresses on the Christmas ornament and the Flip-It.

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lena-lou ha detto...

Hi, I came to your blog from Carols...I like your Nappy Holder and your mail-art is lovely...I shall have to have a go at doing one!!

Christine ha detto...

you did a lot of work !