lunedì, giugno 27, 2005

More pictures, more stitches

Yesterday we had lunch in a restaurant with my family. It was my grandfather's 90th birthday. We were 15, there were almost all my cousins, all my aunts and my uncles. Good! We ate fishes!!!
After lunch we came back home at 5 p.m.!!! What could I do???
I stitched.

This is one of my charity's projects.

And this is another.

I pubblished an Italian blog too. Now I have more space to upload my pictures and I'll be able to upload more pictures on this blog too. I'm so happy!!!

sabato, giugno 25, 2005

A new little progress

I've updated my website but not my blog because I uploaded only some explanations to sew a potholder and they're Italian explanations.
But I stitched the dress of the stither of my SAL sampler. I finished all the stitches with the Olde Willow Stitchery. I miss few stitches to finish all the dress. I must choose the right number of DMC to join Olde Willow.

Are there any types of designs that you won't stitch?

I like almost all the kinds of cross stitch designs and I can't tell that I won't stitch a particular design in future, but now I don't like to stitch pictures, and celthic designs. And I know that many girls stitched an Egyptian woman from Lanarte but I won't stitch it!!! I have so many beautiful designs (Mirabilia, Passione Ricamo, Elizabeth's Designs, just to tell about someone...) and I'll be busy for several months!!!

lunedì, giugno 20, 2005


It's so hot in Florence and the season is not right to stitch a lot, but I can't stop stitching and I usually stitch in summer too, even if I stitch less.
I couldn't stitch my Sunday SAL because it's hard to stitch it if I have not enough time to dedicate. So I decided to go on with one of my little patterns, a block for a charity project. Here is the progress:

And I finished a very little flower. It's for a quilt to sell on eBay to finance other charity's projects. It will be a quilt sewed with 48 different flowers stitched by 48 different Italian stitchers. It sound wonderful and I'm proud to have taken part in this project. Here is it!!!

venerdì, giugno 17, 2005

New week, little progress...

During these days I was busy again. My stitches don't go on as I'd like.
But there is a little progress.
I stitched the Italian SAL because it's not demanding like my PR SAL, I have to stitch a lot of roses for my Secret Love pattern!!!
About the Italian SAL I'm stitching the dress of a stitcher. Here is it!

I finished the seventh block of the French Marquoir too. It is about Bretagne and I love it.

Now the question of the week.

Do you feel the need to stitch a design from a specific designer just
to say that you've experienced stitching one of their designs?

No, I don't. I don't usually stitch a design just to say that I stitched something of a specific designer. I always stitch all that I like and I like so many designers. Surely I'd like to say "I have already stitched a design of..." because this would mean that I had enough time to stitch it!!!

giovedì, giugno 09, 2005

New project

I've not been stitching as I'd like for several days, but I could start a new pattern. An Italian friend gave me the pattern and we decided to stitch it as a SAL.
Choosing colours was difficult because we have so many. At the end we started. I decided to use an Olde Willow I received in the past months from PawPrints' Fiber Club. The pattern is a sort of sampler. There is a stitching lady and an alphabet. I started stitching the lady.
Here is my little progress!

venerdì, giugno 03, 2005


Yesterday was national holiday but I stitched only two hours, I think. I started stitching a new pattern, one of Margaret Sherry to take part in a new charity's project but I have not any progress to show, I stitched with white floss on white Aida and I can't see anything!!!
This leads me to answer this week's question.

What do you like *least* about cross stitching?

I love cross stitching and there's not anything I don't like but I find it difficult to stitch with colours too similar to the fabric. It makes me annoyed!!! Naturally I don't like making a mistake in the stitches and discovering it when I have already stitched a big piece.

Last week I had not answered so I'm going to do so.
The question was:

How do you deal a "stitching slump?"

Fortunately I had not any big stitching slump. Sometimes I don't feel stitching and I don't stitch. I usually read a book or sew something to change hobby. After few days my stitching love comes back and it has grown!!!

giovedì, giugno 02, 2005

New patterns!

Yesterday I didn't stitch...We went to our town festival because one of our friends played some covers of U2 in a little concert.
But I saw two new it was a day with stitches!
You can see here the new pattern of Passione Ricamo: Mediterraneo, like the sea that washes Italy.
There is a new Mirabilia pattern too, I saw here.
What do you think about them??? I love the new PR pattern... about Mirabilia's one I have not decided anything yet...I like it, perhaps I don't like the face...

Yesterday I received my first order from Stitching Bits and Bobs. Well, it didn't take so long as I thought. I had read some blogs and the ladies were not happy about times. Probably I was happy to see my leaflets and I didn't mind how long it took to arrive! I received four leaflets of Shepherd's Bush stockings and an accesory pack (beautiful!)! I loved them as I saw two stockings on Katrina's blog. Thank you, Katrina!