venerdì, giugno 17, 2005

New week, little progress...

During these days I was busy again. My stitches don't go on as I'd like.
But there is a little progress.
I stitched the Italian SAL because it's not demanding like my PR SAL, I have to stitch a lot of roses for my Secret Love pattern!!!
About the Italian SAL I'm stitching the dress of a stitcher. Here is it!

I finished the seventh block of the French Marquoir too. It is about Bretagne and I love it.

Now the question of the week.

Do you feel the need to stitch a design from a specific designer just
to say that you've experienced stitching one of their designs?

No, I don't. I don't usually stitch a design just to say that I stitched something of a specific designer. I always stitch all that I like and I like so many designers. Surely I'd like to say "I have already stitched a design of..." because this would mean that I had enough time to stitch it!!!

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Carol ha detto...

Hi Bea! Nice to hear from you - I have missed you :-) Your France Marquoir is looking fantastic!!