giovedì, giugno 02, 2005

New patterns!

Yesterday I didn't stitch...We went to our town festival because one of our friends played some covers of U2 in a little concert.
But I saw two new it was a day with stitches!
You can see here the new pattern of Passione Ricamo: Mediterraneo, like the sea that washes Italy.
There is a new Mirabilia pattern too, I saw here.
What do you think about them??? I love the new PR pattern... about Mirabilia's one I have not decided anything yet...I like it, perhaps I don't like the face...

Yesterday I received my first order from Stitching Bits and Bobs. Well, it didn't take so long as I thought. I had read some blogs and the ladies were not happy about times. Probably I was happy to see my leaflets and I didn't mind how long it took to arrive! I received four leaflets of Shepherd's Bush stockings and an accesory pack (beautiful!)! I loved them as I saw two stockings on Katrina's blog. Thank you, Katrina!

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Katrina ha detto...

oh new stash Bea, lovely. look forward to seeing some progress pics on the stockings :)