venerdì, aprile 29, 2005


Do you set stitching goals?

I think I should answer "no, I don't". I only stick to the expiry dates if I take part in a RR o if I must stitch a fabric for charity but we can't call them goals. I would have like to set stitching goals, it's a really good idea and I could obtain more results than stitching only what I wish at the moment. On second thoughts I could start setting stitching goals...

Yesterday I stitched more than past days but I can't post everything. I'm preparing a little surprise for a friend and this must be a secret till she sees it.
I stitched my Marquoir and I finished stitches about Normandy.

mercoledì, aprile 27, 2005

Quilt for OTB

First of all last Monday I stitched my Passione Ricamo pattern. It was national holiday in Italy and we spent the day relaxing ourselves. So I went on with my PR. Sunday was the SAL day but I didn't stitch enough time to show the progress.
This is what I did in two days.

I stitched the roses. They are so many!!! This part of the pattern is really exacting and I can't wait for starting the lady or the prince...

Last September I stitched a Winnie The Pooh pattern for OTB and I sent it to make an Italian quilt. Our good quilter finished her work and finally I could see my pattern and ohter girls' ones together! Wonderful! I'm really happy to have taken part in this project!

My pattern is the one at the bottom on the left. Here is it!

lunedì, aprile 25, 2005


Yesterday I would have like to stitch only my PR for the SAL day but I stitched it not much. I'll not post my progress... When I saw all the beautiful Katrina's framed works I decided to pull out my unframed works. I had finished a JJ's pattern last December and I had not sewed yet. Yesterday I sewed it...finally! It seems to be till empty and I'm going to add some ribbons.

It was not my only work. I tried to sew a new patchwork block, the Amish Basket I saw on The Quilter's Cache. I like how it turned out...but I'm thinking how I could use it! It's too big to make a potholder!

sabato, aprile 23, 2005


I've just finished my weekly houseworks. To tell the truth I should iron and I would like to prepare some artichokes' cans. I usually preserve the little artichokes in the oil of my garden every year. We like them very much! I think I'll do so tomorrow or Monday. Monday is national holiday so I should have enough time to do everything.
Now I'd like to stitch a bit. Lore went out with his cousin to help her. She wants to buy a new computer and he likes seeing computers! I'm going to sew a scissor fob: I stitched it but I have to finish off it. It's for a scissor fob exchange on EMS forum. I can't upload the picture till my friend receive it. It's a secret exchange.
Then I'll stitch something...I don't know what... I have so many WIPs!

giovedì, aprile 21, 2005

Many updates

I had some problems with my pc and my email address, so I didn't receive my weekly Stitcher Blogger Question. Fortunately I saw it on the homepage of our group and I'm going to answer... And I'm going to upload many pictures because I couldn't do so during these days.
If you can't use Internet what could you do in those moments? you know the answer...I stitched a lot!
I went on with my French sampler. I really love it! But I don't like my picture...

I stitched again my Bent Creek spring pattern but it's cold in these days...anyway they are few stitches!

Even if the weather is not good in my garden there are some tulips. They are the ones we bought in Amsterdam last summer. When I saw them I decide I should have sewed a bag I had stitched last year. Here are the right and the back side!

Have you ever been asked to do model stitching?
Did you do it? If so, what was your compensation? (money, stash,
etc.) If not, why not?
If you haven't done it, if you were asked would you? Why or why

No, I didn't. unfortunately I have not been asked to do model stitching yet. But I'd like it very much if it would happen. Surely I'd like to ask stash as compesation. I love collect every kinds of fibers and fabrics.

lunedì, aprile 18, 2005

My first SAL!

Yesterday I started my first SAL: I was so happy! Carol organizes a Passione Ricamo SAL. I decided to join it. Last week I was waiting for my fabric. Fortunately it arrived before Sunday so I had enough time to prepare some of the threads and I could start "Once upon a time" yesterday. I started stitching the roses at the top of the pattern. There are so many stitches with different colours and I immediately made a mistake! I had to stitch I have a little progress to show...

Now I can't wait for next Sunday!

Do you "stitch with the seasons?" (This could be reflected by the
colors that you stitch with, the themes that you choose, or even that
during your favorite season you stitch more (or less) than in others.)

I've never stitched with the seasons before this year. Instead during these months I thought to start stitching some seasonal patterns. For example few weeks ago I chose a Spring pattern of Bent Creek to stitch because I'd like to hang on my house's door a seasonal panel. Now I have a "Welcome" but I like changing the patterns and the pictures on the walls...and my house is not so big...I've few rooms!! To change panels with the seasons seems to be funny.
Instead I don't stitch more in a season...I usually stitch daily and I have always a work with me even if I'm on holiday!!

mercoledì, aprile 13, 2005

Busy with stitches

I've not been writing my blog for several days: I was really busy with my stitches. I feel productive during these days and I want to make the most of the moment!!! I stitched a bib for an Italian charity's project called Lactis. The theme must be "hearts", so I stitched a pattern I changed. It was a Margaret Sherry hedgehog that keeps a star. I changed the star and I stitched a LK heart. Then I added other hearts and I like how the bib turned out.

I finished my Bearatitudes' pattern too. I've already sent it and I can't wait for seeing the quilt!!! All the blocks are quite finished...
Here is mine!

Yesterday my Silkweaver order arrived so I'm going to start my first Passione Ricamo pattern. I'll join Carol's SAL. The ladies stitch a PR pattern every Sunday, I'm going to start next Sunday and I hope to have enough time to stitch a lot!!! I'm so happy!

giovedì, aprile 07, 2005

No stitches, but threads

Today one of my orders arrived. Now I've the GAST threads to stitch my spring's pattern. Finally! But the temperature is rising in Florence and, I know, it usually passes from winter's degrees to summer's degrees. We've not a real spring! I should start stitching a summer's pattern!!!
I'd like to use the new threads this night but we're going to the cinema and I'll not have enough time when we come back home.

What is your next specialty stitch?

To tell the truth my favourite stitch is cross stitch and I had never thought about other stitches since I fell in love with Elizabeth's designs and The Drawn Thread too. I saw there are many specialty stitches in these patterns and I'll try them when I start one of these. I've the Nature's alphabet in my basket!!!
Instead I'd like to learn the stitchery. I saw so many nice patterns made with stitchery but I've none. Sooner or later I'll try.

mercoledì, aprile 06, 2005

Stitches again!

Finally I stitched a bit. I have a little progress on my charity's pattern, the one with the bears. It's so cute!
I've quite finished the stitches, then I'll have to do the backstitch.
Most of the girls has already finished and we can't wait to see the quilt!!

During these days I'm having a reflection's break. I'm thinking about my next big pattern...but I can't pick it! It's hard! I've so many patterns in my basket... So I'm going on with the other WIPs and I'm not out of work!!

lunedì, aprile 04, 2005

No stitches, but good wine!

I hope to stitch again this evening because I haven't been stitching since Friday. What a long time for a stitcher!
Last Saturday we went for a little trip not too far from Florence. We went to San Galgano, a very little town in the beautiful Tuscan country. There is a big church without the roofing, we can take a look to the sky from the nave. Then we continued to Montalcino, another little town where one of the most famous wines of Tuscany is produced. Lore bought a bottle of Brunello and he was really happy. I'm happy too: I like red wine!
Yesterday I prepared one kilogram of dough for pizza because we had invited our six friends for dinner. I kneaded the dough for much time and the pizza turned out to be very good. I was a bit worried because it was my first time with the dough. Lore usually prepares it!
Well...I'm going to stitch...I hope...

venerdì, aprile 01, 2005

How has your stitching evolved since you first started stitching?

When I started stitching, about six years ago, I used only Aida. Now I don't like it...I use if I have to stitch something for charity's projects or for babies's project. Sometimes it seems to be more suitable. For all the other projects I only use linen. But I made another change. Especially I used to stitch patterns from Italian magazine for several months. I stopped to buy Italian magazines last year because I think there are so many beautiful patterns to buy on the web and paying for these magazines is not worth the effort!!
I didn't make other changes...I have been stitching big projects since my firt one: I started stitching a pillow for my bedroom. And I've ever been using DMC threads even if to find them is not easy in Florence.
My recent change (but it's not a real change, just an addition...) is using hand-dyed fibers. I really love them!

Many things

I've not been writing for some days.
Finally I started stitching my Angelove's fabric again. I had not been stitching it since February. It's for a charity Italian quilt.

I went on with my sampler too. It's easy and funny and I stitch quickly, I think. I love how it is becoming!

My pictures are not good! I'm wondering why they look so.
I finished a little bookmark. I decided to try a fibers' experimentation. I used fantasy and a free pattern from the Alter Echo sampler. I stitched the stitching woman! I wanted to celebrate my six years of stitching! I like how my bookmark looks! I used a Wildflowers, 159 Silver Blue, to make the edge, a Needle Necessities, 1161, to make the woman and the numbers and a Sampler Thread, Hyacinth, to make the butterflies.

Later I should answer to SBQ...