sabato, aprile 23, 2005


I've just finished my weekly houseworks. To tell the truth I should iron and I would like to prepare some artichokes' cans. I usually preserve the little artichokes in the oil of my garden every year. We like them very much! I think I'll do so tomorrow or Monday. Monday is national holiday so I should have enough time to do everything.
Now I'd like to stitch a bit. Lore went out with his cousin to help her. She wants to buy a new computer and he likes seeing computers! I'm going to sew a scissor fob: I stitched it but I have to finish off it. It's for a scissor fob exchange on EMS forum. I can't upload the picture till my friend receive it. It's a secret exchange.
Then I'll stitch something...I don't know what... I have so many WIPs!

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