venerdì, aprile 01, 2005

Many things

I've not been writing for some days.
Finally I started stitching my Angelove's fabric again. I had not been stitching it since February. It's for a charity Italian quilt.

I went on with my sampler too. It's easy and funny and I stitch quickly, I think. I love how it is becoming!

My pictures are not good! I'm wondering why they look so.
I finished a little bookmark. I decided to try a fibers' experimentation. I used fantasy and a free pattern from the Alter Echo sampler. I stitched the stitching woman! I wanted to celebrate my six years of stitching! I like how my bookmark looks! I used a Wildflowers, 159 Silver Blue, to make the edge, a Needle Necessities, 1161, to make the woman and the numbers and a Sampler Thread, Hyacinth, to make the butterflies.

Later I should answer to SBQ...

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