giovedì, aprile 07, 2005

No stitches, but threads

Today one of my orders arrived. Now I've the GAST threads to stitch my spring's pattern. Finally! But the temperature is rising in Florence and, I know, it usually passes from winter's degrees to summer's degrees. We've not a real spring! I should start stitching a summer's pattern!!!
I'd like to use the new threads this night but we're going to the cinema and I'll not have enough time when we come back home.

What is your next specialty stitch?

To tell the truth my favourite stitch is cross stitch and I had never thought about other stitches since I fell in love with Elizabeth's designs and The Drawn Thread too. I saw there are many specialty stitches in these patterns and I'll try them when I start one of these. I've the Nature's alphabet in my basket!!!
Instead I'd like to learn the stitchery. I saw so many nice patterns made with stitchery but I've none. Sooner or later I'll try.

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