venerdì, aprile 01, 2005

How has your stitching evolved since you first started stitching?

When I started stitching, about six years ago, I used only Aida. Now I don't like it...I use if I have to stitch something for charity's projects or for babies's project. Sometimes it seems to be more suitable. For all the other projects I only use linen. But I made another change. Especially I used to stitch patterns from Italian magazine for several months. I stopped to buy Italian magazines last year because I think there are so many beautiful patterns to buy on the web and paying for these magazines is not worth the effort!!
I didn't make other changes...I have been stitching big projects since my firt one: I started stitching a pillow for my bedroom. And I've ever been using DMC threads even if to find them is not easy in Florence.
My recent change (but it's not a real change, just an addition...) is using hand-dyed fibers. I really love them!

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Carol ha detto...

Hi Bea - I am so glad you joined fiberswappers :-) Do you still want The Orchard chart?? If so, please email me your address at

Have a great weekend!

Carol ha detto...

Bea - If you ever need DMC floss, just let me know - I will ship it over to you - it is quite inexpensive here!