lunedì, aprile 18, 2005

My first SAL!

Yesterday I started my first SAL: I was so happy! Carol organizes a Passione Ricamo SAL. I decided to join it. Last week I was waiting for my fabric. Fortunately it arrived before Sunday so I had enough time to prepare some of the threads and I could start "Once upon a time" yesterday. I started stitching the roses at the top of the pattern. There are so many stitches with different colours and I immediately made a mistake! I had to stitch I have a little progress to show...

Now I can't wait for next Sunday!

Do you "stitch with the seasons?" (This could be reflected by the
colors that you stitch with, the themes that you choose, or even that
during your favorite season you stitch more (or less) than in others.)

I've never stitched with the seasons before this year. Instead during these months I thought to start stitching some seasonal patterns. For example few weeks ago I chose a Spring pattern of Bent Creek to stitch because I'd like to hang on my house's door a seasonal panel. Now I have a "Welcome" but I like changing the patterns and the pictures on the walls...and my house is not so big...I've few rooms!! To change panels with the seasons seems to be funny.
Instead I don't stitch more in a season...I usually stitch daily and I have always a work with me even if I'm on holiday!!

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Carol ha detto...

Your little roses look sweet Bea :-) Thanks for sharing them! You don't have to wait until Sunday to work on this - our SAL is set up so that when we can we do stitch our PR's on Sundays - but you can stitch whenever you want (I do) -

Hugs, Carol

Katrina ha detto...

Hi Bea, thanks for visiting by my blog last week. I've just found the link to yours through Carols!

big wave from New Zealand!