mercoledì, aprile 13, 2005

Busy with stitches

I've not been writing my blog for several days: I was really busy with my stitches. I feel productive during these days and I want to make the most of the moment!!! I stitched a bib for an Italian charity's project called Lactis. The theme must be "hearts", so I stitched a pattern I changed. It was a Margaret Sherry hedgehog that keeps a star. I changed the star and I stitched a LK heart. Then I added other hearts and I like how the bib turned out.

I finished my Bearatitudes' pattern too. I've already sent it and I can't wait for seeing the quilt!!! All the blocks are quite finished...
Here is mine!

Yesterday my Silkweaver order arrived so I'm going to start my first Passione Ricamo pattern. I'll join Carol's SAL. The ladies stitch a PR pattern every Sunday, I'm going to start next Sunday and I hope to have enough time to stitch a lot!!! I'm so happy!

2 commenti:

Carol ha detto...

The two projects you posted are just adorable! Well done, you!!!

I am so thrilled that you joined our little PR SAL!!! What fabric are you using for Once Upon A Time? I just ordered this chart, so suggestions for a good fabric are wanted!!! Thanks!

Gosia ha detto...

Hi Bea!

Your finishes are sooo pretty. You've been very creative with the little hedgehog, he looks so cute wth the hearts. I'm sure the recipient will love the bib!

And the bears are very pretty as well, huge congratulations!!!