giovedì, marzo 30, 2006

I'm back!!!

I'm back and I want to share some pictures.

Finally I remembered to take a picture of my new start.
I started stitching The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings.
I stitched only a bit but I started this beautiful project.

During these days I'm busy with some projects for the baby of my cousin and the baby of one of my best friends.
I was also involved in a charity project. Only one, fortunately.
I'm also stitching an envelope for a mail art exchange.
During the next month I hope to pull my projects out again. I'd like to go on with the HOHRH and other big patterns.

Last Sunday I could sew something.
I finished two Flip-Its, the January's and the February's ones.

I also started sewing the nappies' case for my cousin and a bag for me.
I can share the picture of the pattern I stitched for the nappies' case.
It's Archie by Margaret Sherry. I hope she likes it!

martedì, marzo 21, 2006

Some pictures

First of all I want to let you know that I'll not be able to be online often during the next days. Unfortunately we had to change our contract for internet so I don't know when they will open our next contract. I really hope to come back and write often as soon as possible.

During the past weekend I would have liked to sew some things but a friend of Lore came and visited us, so I couldn't pull out my sewing machine. I should be able to sew during the next weekend. To tell the truth I must sew because I have to prepare a nappies case for the baby of my cousin. I've quite finished the pattern and I'll post the picture in the next days. Now I'm choosing a fabric to match with the pattern.

I'm posting the small happy dance of the weekend. I finished the March Flip-It by Lizzie Kate.

I've already started the third Christmas ornament. It's another Santas from the leaflet Old World Santas by Prairie Schooler.

The last pictures are about the envelope I received from Chiara. We organized a mail art exchange on the Italian EMS forum and my first secret partner was Chiara. She sent me a beautiful envelope. She was really kind because she sent also a nice fabric with hearts, a card and a GAST thread. Thank you again, Chiara.

The right side with my address:

The back side with Chiara's address:


sabato, marzo 18, 2006

Again small projects

I'm working on some small projects. I'm happy about them because I've already had many happy dances in this year.

And this is the happy dance of the week!

I finished my second Christmas ornament of the year. This is good for my Christmas tree: I hope to have a lot of ornaments ready at the end of December.

I'm working on the Flip-It by Lizzie Kate too. It's funny but I prefered the past ones. Instead the next one seems to be so cute and funny.

During the weekend I've a lot of things to do but I'm going to sew and finish something. Today could be the right day...

martedì, marzo 14, 2006


I'm trying to catch up on my posts and I'm reading all the recent posts of my favourite blogs. I've not been reading some blogs for many days. I'd like to write some comments too so I hope to find enough time tomorrow.

Now I'm going to review my February's goals and write the March's ones.

My February's goals were:

- finish the roses in the pattern Once upon a time by Passione Ricamo and continue with it
yes, I finished the roses. I didn't continue it.

- stitch the February's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate

- stitch two Christmas ornaments by Prairie Schooler
I stitched one of them and I started stitching the second.

- finish Coffee Menu and Lavender Hill by LHN

- finish Valentine Holidays by Carriage House Samplings

My March's goals:

- stitch the March's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate

- finish the second Christmas ornament and stitch the third

- stitch and sew an envelope for an exchange of mail art on EMS forum

- stitch a little towel for the baby of one of my best friends

- stitch three small things for the baby of my cousin who will born at the beginning of April

- finish Be my love by CHS

- continue a big project like Celtic Summer or Once upon a time

I've just written the March's goals list and they seem to be a lot of goals.

Finally I pulled out Be my love by Carriage House Samplings and I stitched the dress of the woman and the bottom of the pattern.

I stitched the second Christmas ornament too and it's growing quickly. I decided to sew this ornament and the first one when I finish the third and the forth. In fact I'm stitching them on the same piece of fabric and I don't want to cut it till I finish the space.

sabato, marzo 11, 2006

I'm back!

I'm back. I went to ski last week and I came back. Unfortunately when I was at home again I was ill. Today I feel better but I don't feel good, I've not gone out yet and I didn't start stitching again. I spent the past days in my bed and watching tv. :(
I've to share two pictures because I should have shown them at the begininnig of the week.

During my long week-end in Dolomiti I could stitch a bit and I went on with my second Christmas ornament:

I started stitching the monthly flip-it too. I'm using the first colour, Butternut Squash (GAST).

Now I don't feel to review my February goals and the March ones but I'm going to do so in my next post.
Have a nice weekend!