martedì, marzo 14, 2006


I'm trying to catch up on my posts and I'm reading all the recent posts of my favourite blogs. I've not been reading some blogs for many days. I'd like to write some comments too so I hope to find enough time tomorrow.

Now I'm going to review my February's goals and write the March's ones.

My February's goals were:

- finish the roses in the pattern Once upon a time by Passione Ricamo and continue with it
yes, I finished the roses. I didn't continue it.

- stitch the February's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate

- stitch two Christmas ornaments by Prairie Schooler
I stitched one of them and I started stitching the second.

- finish Coffee Menu and Lavender Hill by LHN

- finish Valentine Holidays by Carriage House Samplings

My March's goals:

- stitch the March's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate

- finish the second Christmas ornament and stitch the third

- stitch and sew an envelope for an exchange of mail art on EMS forum

- stitch a little towel for the baby of one of my best friends

- stitch three small things for the baby of my cousin who will born at the beginning of April

- finish Be my love by CHS

- continue a big project like Celtic Summer or Once upon a time

I've just written the March's goals list and they seem to be a lot of goals.

Finally I pulled out Be my love by Carriage House Samplings and I stitched the dress of the woman and the bottom of the pattern.

I stitched the second Christmas ornament too and it's growing quickly. I decided to sew this ornament and the first one when I finish the third and the forth. In fact I'm stitching them on the same piece of fabric and I don't want to cut it till I finish the space.

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Carol ha detto...

Oh Bea! That CHS sampler is stunning!!! Thanks for the GC from Silkweaver in exchange for the DMC I sent you - I applied it towards some gorgeous new cashel, called Starquest. I plan to use it for Stargazer :-)

Also... I got in a 36 ct solo that I want to use for Rose of Sharon.... would you still like to SAL with that one??

Have you started HOHRH yet?