venerdì, marzo 02, 2007

Trying to catch up...

I seem not to have much time to do everything during these weeks...I'm reading all your blogs but I don't usually leave comments and I don't post on my own blog. :(

On Mondays I usually stitch my UFOs. After finishing September Flip-It Block by LK I decided to have a break and not to start immediately the left Flip-It (December one). I selected a new UFO and I resurrected Winter Peace by SBF.

I have already finished it because it is not a long pattern. It's quick and the snowman is so funny!

I also finished the monthly blocks of the tablecloth. Here is one of the pears I stitched.

I have another finish. It's a PS Santa (1999 Santa). I'm going to stitch six annual Santas for next Christmas. I decided to work on six Santas because they usually take me more time than other PS Santas.

After 1999 Santa (adorable with those gingerbreadmen), I'm going to stitch 1997 Santa.

I started my third DD pattern, Mary Heaton. This is the first progress.

I didn't forget my rotation. I'm till using it and I'm making small progresses on many patterns but I usually post a picture when I have a big progress so we have to wait a bit for viewing something new.

Reviewing goals...

February Goals:

- stitch twice Pear Thread Packs by LHN for my tablecloth
- stitch three little patterns for my Advent calendar
- finish 1999 Santa by PS
- finish September Flip-It and start stitching the last one
I finished September Flip-It but I've not started the last one yet
- finish Abigail Winslow and her pillow and start the next DD block
In addition I finished Season of rest by LHN and Winter Peace by SBF.

March Goals:
- stitch three times Apples Thread Packs by LHN for my tablecloth
- stitch three little patterns for my Advent calendar
- start stitching 1997 Santa by PS, December Flip-It and Season of Hope by LHN
- finish Mary Heaton and her pillow
- stitch a mail art envelope

This month will be pretty busy because I have to stitch three blocks for my tablecloth and I'm not sure to be able to finish all of them.