lunedì, gennaio 30, 2006

New week

I've not been writing for some days because I didn't feel motivate. I couldn't share my progress because I stitched some projects I can't show yet.

Anne, I'll let you know the sizes of my fabric for Terre de France. The colour is not a DMC one, but it's a Crescent Colours thread, Bandana.

Finally I've a progress. To tell the truth my weekend was busy and I could stitch only a bit. Here is the progress on Be my love by Carriage House Samplings.

Now I have some leaflets by Prairie Schooler and during the weekend I could start a new project too. I want to stitch at least 12 ornaments for my Christmas tree before the end of December. I would like to change my ornaments for the next Christmas and I thought to stitch an ornament every month. When Christmas arrives, I'll have 12 ornaments. Unfortunately my leaflets arrived late and my January ornament will be surely finished during February.

The first Santa is one of the Santas in the leaflet Old World Santas by Prarie Schooler.

The meme of Fours
I've been tagged by Isabelle. Thanks, Isabelle. It's funny and I was happy to read you'd like to come to Florence. I'm waiting for you! ;)

Four Jobs I Have Had in My Life
mathematics teacher
CAD designer

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over Again
Non ci resta che piangere (an Italian film with Benigni)
Harry Potter series
The lord of the rings

Four Places I Have Lived
Florence (I have been living here since I was born!)

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
Markette an Italian show, the only one I watch

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation
Santorini (Greece)
Paris (twice)

Four Websites I Visit Daily
Stitching Bits and Bobs
my website
EMS forums

Four of My Favorite Foods
every kind of Italian pasta (spaghetti, lasagne...)
Florentine rare steak

Four Albums singers I Can't Live Without (I changed to "singers" cause it's better tuned to what I listen to)
Eros Ramazzotti (italian)
Ligabue (italian)
Litfiba (italian)

Four Places I'd Rather Be
New York

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging

martedì, gennaio 24, 2006

Weekend progress

First of all thanks for all your posts about my Coffee Menu. I'm happy because you liked my choice of fabric. It's Days gone by, linen by Silkweaver.
During the week we moved the piece of forniture. It was hard work, but it's done. I couldn't stitch as I would have liked so I have a little progress to share.
This is Valentine Holiday. I hope to have it finished before Valentine day but it's so funny and quick to stitch that I should be able to sew it as well.
I finished the boy and some hearts.

I changed my poll and it's again about LHN designs. I really love them during this weeks. Yesterday I purchased Rose Cottage Pillow and The flower Shop by Country Cottage Needlework too. They should arrive soon and I've already ordered the threads...I have a lot of work!

sabato, gennaio 21, 2006

Coffee again...

I'm really tired. We worked hard today.
Tonight I hope to have a rest and stitch a bit. Seeing many new patterns during these days the stitches' wish grows and I want to catch up with some WIPs.

Last night I stitched Coffee Menu again. It's relaxing and I'm happy about my choice of fabric. It seems to be right.

venerdì, gennaio 20, 2006

A week with few stitches

This week I stitched a bit and I think I'll not be able to stitch during the weekend. We have to move a piece of furniture at home and it will take a long time...
I don't want to think about it!

An Italian friend told me to share my fabric with Terre de France because she's stitching it too and it's funny to see the other stitchers' progress. Here is a picture of the sampler.

Last night I was tired and I decided to stitch an easy and funny pattern. Naturally I pulled out Be my love by CHS. I finished the leaves and I'm stitching the grass.

Yesterday I took a look at the new pattern of Little House Needlework and I fell in love...again...I have to stitch it! LHN is my favourite designer during these weeks. The patterns are all lovely.

Have you had a happy dance yet this year? If so, tell us about it!
(Or just point to the entry that talks about it.) If not, when do you
predict it will be?

Yes, I have. I have already had two happy dance but they are both little happy dance. In 2006 I'd like to stitch more patterns for me but I usually stitch big patterns so I decided to have more little pieces. And I have already finished two of these. I stitched January Flip-it Blocks by Lizzie Kate and the first of the ten patterns with Little Kate by Margaret Sherry.

martedì, gennaio 17, 2006

a LITTLE happy dance...

During the weekend I stitched only a bit because we decided to go shopping during the day and to watch Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2 during the night.
So I've not big progresses to share. But I have a little happy dance. I finished my first Little Kate by Margaret Sherry. I'm stitching all the ten patterns in the calendar with Little Kate. I'm going to use them in a quilt. It's a big project but I've not a deadline. The first pattern I stitched was easy but it took me a long time to make the backstitch. Margaret Sherry's backstitch is always difficult for me and I usually stitch her patterns on aida, so it's more difficult than on linen.

I started stitching the Coffee Menu by LHN and I'm enjoying. Unfortunately the picture is not good, but I couldn't do better yesterday.

venerdì, gennaio 13, 2006

The coffee is ready!

Thanks for all your posts, ladies.
Ulla, I stitched the Flip-it of January with hand-dyed fibers (Gentle Art Sampler Threads and Weeks Dye Work). The fiber I'm using for my French sampler is Bandana by Crescent Colours.

I didn't stitch during the past nights but I organized my stash and I checked my 2006 goals again. I'm going to stitch something for my cousin's baby and I'm searching patterns for her. It's difficult to find small and cute patterns. I've a lot of patterns but I don't find what I would like.

I kitted Coffee Menu up: it's ready. I'm going to start and stitch it during the weekend. I know I should finish something elese before starting new projects but I fell in love with it when I saw it and I wanted to start it before Christmas.
Now I could stitch it...
I chose a fabric by Silkweaver, Days gone by Linen 32 ct. I hope it'll turn out good.

mercoledì, gennaio 11, 2006

I'm back, it's back...

Now my computer seems to work, so I'm back.
Today my website doesn't work and I'm a bit worried but I noticed the files are online and I can share in my blog the pictures I uploaded yesterday.

First of all I have the first finished work for 2006. It's small, but it's one work! It's the January Flip-it by Lizzie Kate that I stitched during a SAL. We're stitching one Flip-it every month. I'm going to finish every one into a little pillow.

Good progress for my Valentine pattern.

And it's back! The sampler Terre de France is back. I think I could call it UFO because I had not been stitching it for a long time. In the past days I pulled it out again and I finished a new block.

domenica, gennaio 08, 2006


I have some problems with my computer. Finally I could write a post but I don't know when I'll be able to write again and read all my favourite blogs. :(

During these days I stitched and I'm pretty happy about my progresses.
I worked on a towel that I'm stitching for the baby of a friend but I can't share the picture. It must be a surprise.
But I can share other pictures.

About my Flip-it SAL I'm working on the January pattern and I'm finishing it. It could be my first finish in 2006.

Good progress for Be my love by CHS.
I can't stop stitching this pattern because I'm enjoying more and more.

A new start: Valentine Holiday by Birds of a feather, I saw the one stitched by Danielle and I fell in love with it. So I decided to stitch it and I hope to finish it before Valentine's Day.

martedì, gennaio 03, 2006

2005 works

I counted my 2005 works.
They're 44. A good number, even if there're many small projects.

RR and exchanges: 12
Gifts: 11
Charity: 11
For me:
Day dreams by Felicity Wishes DMC (pillow)
Atelier de Brodeuse by Au fil de reves (pillow)
Summer Row by Bent Creek (towels)
The scent of old roses by Mirabilia (framed)
A bookmark that I thought up using a French marquoir
A free by San Man Originals (potholder)
Signs of spring by Bent Creek (framed)
A pattern by an Italian magazine (apron)
Teri's stocking by Shepherd's Bush (NOT sewed)
Winter Topiary, FREE by Passione Ricamo (wall-hanging)

I'm pretty happy but I've just noticed that I stitched more for the others than for me. During 2006 I'm going to stitch a lot of patterns for me and I'll reduce my charity designs. They were many, especially they were all medium projects with about 20 hours of work for everyone.

I've a little progress to share on Be my love by Carriage House Samplings. I'm enjoying with it, I love the fabric I chose and the silks are funny to stitch.

lunedì, gennaio 02, 2006


This post will be about my goals for 2006.
I've never got organized with goals because I'm not a rotation stitcher and I usually stitch the pattern that calls me every day. But I have been thinking about new projects for some days and I want to make a list. I'll try to make a short list...

  • Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace by Passione Ricamo SAL with Carol (starting next spring)
  • 12 Flip-it by Lizzie Kate SAL with an Italian friend. Every month we'll stitch the monthly Flip-it
  • finish Terre de France by Annick Abrial, Christmas Elf Fairy by Mirabilia, Christian's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush, Be my love by Carriage House Samplings
  • work on Once upon a time by Passione Ricamo, Celtic Summer by Lavender&Lace, Little Kate's patterns by Margaret Sherry
  • finish the Mill Hill kit about Halloween
  • The rose of Sharon by Mirabilia SAL with Carol (sometimes during the year)
  • some ornaments for my Christmas tree
  • a needlecase for me
  • start and finish some LHN designs (Coffee Menu, The bookshelf...)

Well, the list is not so short but I hope I'll be able to reach some goals.

Yesterday I was really tired because our New Year's Eve dinner was long and we came back home at 4.30 a.m. We really enjoyed but I was sleepy for all the day. I stitched only a bit and I started my first Flip-it by LK. It's the January one.

2006 arrived...happy stitching new year!