martedì, gennaio 24, 2006

Weekend progress

First of all thanks for all your posts about my Coffee Menu. I'm happy because you liked my choice of fabric. It's Days gone by, linen by Silkweaver.
During the week we moved the piece of forniture. It was hard work, but it's done. I couldn't stitch as I would have liked so I have a little progress to share.
This is Valentine Holiday. I hope to have it finished before Valentine day but it's so funny and quick to stitch that I should be able to sew it as well.
I finished the boy and some hearts.

I changed my poll and it's again about LHN designs. I really love them during this weeks. Yesterday I purchased Rose Cottage Pillow and The flower Shop by Country Cottage Needlework too. They should arrive soon and I've already ordered the threads...I have a lot of work!

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Isabelle ha detto...

Oh Bea, this Valentine piece is just adorable!! Great, great choice of fabric once again. How are you gonna finish it?

Glad you're done with moving that furniture around.

I voted in your poll too. ;) I'm getting to love LHN, although I haven't stitched any yet - and you're in a good part responsible for this new taste of mine ;)

Have a good day! :) I tagged you for the Meme of 4s - but of course this is just in case you have the time and inclination to answer! ;)

Kali ha detto...

Bea your Valentine piece looks great! Not so fun with moving furniture though, good that its done now and you can concentrate on important things like stitching :)

Bastet ha detto...

the valentine piece is adorable! I hate moving furnature. Glad you got it done and overwith. Keep up the good work.

Ulla ha detto...

Dear Bea

Love to see your work full of joy.Happy colours.Now I'm back after some days of flew and fever
and without doing a stitch since Monday I think.
Wish you good luck and a nice weekend
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Anne ha detto...

I love your work especially the Terre de France. Can you please tell me the size of the fabric you have used, what is the count and the colour of the dmc. Thanks for your help.

Happy Stitching