mercoledì, gennaio 11, 2006

I'm back, it's back...

Now my computer seems to work, so I'm back.
Today my website doesn't work and I'm a bit worried but I noticed the files are online and I can share in my blog the pictures I uploaded yesterday.

First of all I have the first finished work for 2006. It's small, but it's one work! It's the January Flip-it by Lizzie Kate that I stitched during a SAL. We're stitching one Flip-it every month. I'm going to finish every one into a little pillow.

Good progress for my Valentine pattern.

And it's back! The sampler Terre de France is back. I think I could call it UFO because I had not been stitching it for a long time. In the past days I pulled it out again and I finished a new block.

6 commenti:

Chiara ha detto...

Your Flip it blocks is lovely!!!! My JAnuary flip it stamp is still on a trip to Italy...:o)i hope it will arrive soon..before the end of January..

Lana ha detto...

Wow! You are doing really good work! Nice progress!
I was wanting ot do the flip it blocks too, maybe watchingo udo yours will inspire me to get them and start!

Carol ha detto...

Hi Bea - Nice to see you are back :-) Your Flip It is cute - doing those as a SAL is a wonderful idea! And your Valentine project is super cute too! It is great that Terre de France is back :-)

Singular Stitches ha detto...

Woo hoo on your happy dance! Very nice!

Ulla ha detto...

Wellcome back Bea

Is it DMC on January stamp?If yes-is it varigated blue?

The french embroidery what yarn.?It's also a lovely embroidery with beautiful threadd making it more beautiful.

Started working ful time so....
This weekend I have more time I hope.We have warm and really nice weather
Ulla in the north of Sweden

AnneS ha detto...

Ooh, Bea, your flip it is cute! Would you mind sharing what the dark blue variegated thread is on the flip it? I really really like the look of that one :) Also, I admore the Terre de France - and love your thread choice with that one too ... just gorgeous! Almost tempts me to download it and stitch it too! :)