martedì, gennaio 03, 2006

2005 works

I counted my 2005 works.
They're 44. A good number, even if there're many small projects.

RR and exchanges: 12
Gifts: 11
Charity: 11
For me:
Day dreams by Felicity Wishes DMC (pillow)
Atelier de Brodeuse by Au fil de reves (pillow)
Summer Row by Bent Creek (towels)
The scent of old roses by Mirabilia (framed)
A bookmark that I thought up using a French marquoir
A free by San Man Originals (potholder)
Signs of spring by Bent Creek (framed)
A pattern by an Italian magazine (apron)
Teri's stocking by Shepherd's Bush (NOT sewed)
Winter Topiary, FREE by Passione Ricamo (wall-hanging)

I'm pretty happy but I've just noticed that I stitched more for the others than for me. During 2006 I'm going to stitch a lot of patterns for me and I'll reduce my charity designs. They were many, especially they were all medium projects with about 20 hours of work for everyone.

I've a little progress to share on Be my love by Carriage House Samplings. I'm enjoying with it, I love the fabric I chose and the silks are funny to stitch.

2 commenti:

Danielle ha detto...

Happy New Year Bea!! I did the same last year--I finished quite a few things, but they were mostly for exchanges or for gifts. I hope this year to stitch more larger things for myself!

AnneS ha detto...

You had some great finishes in 2005 - and some nice projects and goals for 2006 ... look forward to seeing your progress on everything. Glad to hear we did the right thing about champagne and panettone - it's my new Italian Christmas tradition ;)