mercoledì, aprile 26, 2006

Another long weekend

I've not been writing for some days but they have been busy days. I had to go to the dentist and I'll have to come back next week. Sigh! I cheered up when I went shopping with Lore. I bought some clothes for next summer. Yesterday was a holiday here in Italy, so we had another long weekend and we could go for a trip. We went to San Gimignano, 60km far from Florence.
San Gimignano is the town where my grandfather lived and I used to go often when I was a child.

Here are some pictures of the trip in the Tuscan country and in San Gimignano. Unfortunately some pictures are dark...

And here is my purchase in San Gimignano. I fell in love with these hand-painted potteries. In the middle the design represents the Tuscan country.

I've two finishes to share.

I finished my monthly Flip-It.

I finished my monthly Christmas ornament too. I stitched four Santas from the leaflet Old World Santas by Prairie Schooler. I used a piece of Lugana 28ct, Lichen Moss by Silkweaver. I used the whole space, now I've to choose another kind of fabric because I'm going to stitch other Christmas ornaments.

giovedì, aprile 20, 2006

Long weekend

Easter passed and days go by very quickly. We had a long weekend in Italy but I could stitch only a bit. We spent most of the days with our families. Last Monday we tried to go out for a trip but there were too many queues on the roads near Florence so we came back home and we didn't visit the town we had decided to reach.
I hope our next long week-end will be better!

I'm posting the small progresses of the past days.

Finally I started stitching the monthly Christmas ornament. It's another Santa from Old World Santas by Prairie Schooler. I'm working on these ornaments because I'm thinking about my next Christmas tree but sometimes I don't feel to stitch Christmas patterns.

My monthly Flip-It is going on good.

I think to be boring during these months because I'm posting only pictures about my monthly projects and things for the little cousin. I hope to have enough time to work on some new projects or on my UFOs because I'm annoying myself too!

giovedì, aprile 13, 2006


During these days I worked on a small project for my new little cousin. I stitched a bib and I chose for it another pattern with a bunny. This design is on the same Italian magazine that I used for the bath towel.

I also started stitching my monthly Flip-It and I started working on the bunny. I love the April's Flip-It. I like the colours and the fibers are lovely. This is my progress.

Today I'm really happy because I received my first order on HoneySuckleCottage. I received some beautiful fabrics.

I'm thinking to use one of these fabrics to sew Be my love into a pillow or a wall hanging.

domenica, aprile 09, 2006


I've not reviewed my March's goals yet. It was not a good month for my stitching. I was ill and when I don't feel well I can't stitch. And this is seems to be some excuse!

My March's goals were:
- stitch the March's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate

- finish the second Christmas ornament and stitch the third
I finished the second and started stitching the third

- stitch and sew an envelope for an exchange of mail art on EMS forum
yes but I can't share the picture till my partner receives it

- stitch a little towel for the baby of one of my best friends

- stitch three small things for the baby of my cousin who will born at the beginning of April
I stitched only the nappies case with Archie by Margaret Sherry

- finish Be my love by CHS

- continue a big project like Celtic Summer or Once upon a time

My April's goals are:

- stitch the April's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate
- finish the third Christmas ornament and stitch the fourth
- stitch two small things for Emma, the baby of my cousin
- start stitching a French kit that I bought some months ago
- continue a big project like Celtic Summer or Once upon a time
- finish the first house in the pattern of Carriage House Samplings

Now I'm posting the pictures of the progresses made during the past days.

I finished the third Christmas ornament by Prairie Schooler. It's strange to stitch a Santa during the spring but I think about my future tree and I want to go on with this project.

In few hours I started and finished a small bath towel for my little cousin.
I used a pattern that's in an Italian magazine. It's easy and quick.

mercoledì, aprile 05, 2006

A new baby!

I've not been writing my blog since I came back online. During the past days we were really busy.
My cousin's baby was born and we went and visited her. She's fine and lovely. I'm so happy to have a new little cousin!
Then we went to the baptism of one of my friends baby. There was the party too and we spent the day with other friends who were at the party.
We really enjoyed but in the evening we were so tired that I didn't stitch.

I'd like to share some pictures.

This is my progress on the Santa I'm stitching for the March's Christmas ornament.
I took the picture some days ago but I couldn't post it before today.

Some days ago I finished Be my love by Carriage House Samplings. I'm happy how it turned out. I've already found a fabric that should match with it but I have to purchase it online. So I have to wait for it.

I'm posting other pictures. They're the pictures of two blankets for Emma, my cousin's baby. My grandmother and one of my aunts knitted and sewed the first one, my cousin knitted the second one.