domenica, aprile 09, 2006


I've not reviewed my March's goals yet. It was not a good month for my stitching. I was ill and when I don't feel well I can't stitch. And this is seems to be some excuse!

My March's goals were:
- stitch the March's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate

- finish the second Christmas ornament and stitch the third
I finished the second and started stitching the third

- stitch and sew an envelope for an exchange of mail art on EMS forum
yes but I can't share the picture till my partner receives it

- stitch a little towel for the baby of one of my best friends

- stitch three small things for the baby of my cousin who will born at the beginning of April
I stitched only the nappies case with Archie by Margaret Sherry

- finish Be my love by CHS

- continue a big project like Celtic Summer or Once upon a time

My April's goals are:

- stitch the April's Flip-it by Lizzie Kate
- finish the third Christmas ornament and stitch the fourth
- stitch two small things for Emma, the baby of my cousin
- start stitching a French kit that I bought some months ago
- continue a big project like Celtic Summer or Once upon a time
- finish the first house in the pattern of Carriage House Samplings

Now I'm posting the pictures of the progresses made during the past days.

I finished the third Christmas ornament by Prairie Schooler. It's strange to stitch a Santa during the spring but I think about my future tree and I want to go on with this project.

In few hours I started and finished a small bath towel for my little cousin.
I used a pattern that's in an Italian magazine. It's easy and quick.

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Sylvie ha detto...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I saw some lovely work on yours too!

AnneS ha detto...

Your latest ornie finish is lovely - I'm really enjoying seeing these get stitched up :) And your little towel looks cute :D

Tanya ha detto...

The towel is darling ~ love the bunny :)

Ulla ha detto...

Happy Easter dear Bea

Ulla in the north of Sweden