mercoledì, aprile 26, 2006

Another long weekend

I've not been writing for some days but they have been busy days. I had to go to the dentist and I'll have to come back next week. Sigh! I cheered up when I went shopping with Lore. I bought some clothes for next summer. Yesterday was a holiday here in Italy, so we had another long weekend and we could go for a trip. We went to San Gimignano, 60km far from Florence.
San Gimignano is the town where my grandfather lived and I used to go often when I was a child.

Here are some pictures of the trip in the Tuscan country and in San Gimignano. Unfortunately some pictures are dark...

And here is my purchase in San Gimignano. I fell in love with these hand-painted potteries. In the middle the design represents the Tuscan country.

I've two finishes to share.

I finished my monthly Flip-It.

I finished my monthly Christmas ornament too. I stitched four Santas from the leaflet Old World Santas by Prairie Schooler. I used a piece of Lugana 28ct, Lichen Moss by Silkweaver. I used the whole space, now I've to choose another kind of fabric because I'm going to stitch other Christmas ornaments.

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Ulla ha detto...

Good morning from Sweden

A sunny morning.I also love the pottery you found on your little trip.And nice to see the embroidery you have made.Good to have made ornaments ready for Christmas in time.Not started yet.Was also on a little travel during the weekend.
Have a nice time
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Isabelle ha detto...

Beautiful pictures, Bea! Your country is so beautiful :)

Congrats on the two finishes! That Flip It turned out so cute :)

Katrina ha detto...

Hi Bea, congrats on your two happy dances and the photos are lovely. I can only dream that one day I'll get to visit your beautiful country.

Bastet ha detto...

the old world santa looks wonderful, and the flip it came out nice. The pictures are gorgeous!

Litla Skvís ha detto...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! I love your L*K April Flip it! It is so cute!

Chiara ha detto...

San Gimignano is wonderful!!! I went there on a school trip and i like it very much!!!cheers
Your flip it is nice!!!

Ulla ha detto...

Dear Bea

I hope everything is OK with you.

We ahve a lovely spring just now.I send you a little sunshine