sabato, maggio 06, 2006

I'm back...

Finally I can write a new post. I was busy during the past days and I couldn't find the right moment to write something.

I came back home last Tuesday. We had another long weekend (the last one!). The first of May is a holiday here in Italy so we decided to spend some days in a beautiful island of the Tuscan. The island is Isola del Giglio and it's not so far from Florence. I went to this island eight years ago and I fell in love with it. I had been wanting to come back here since I saw it. Finally we came back and I loved it again. There were a lot of flowers, the sea was wonderful and I really enjoyed myself. We walked a lot and we visited the little towns of the island.
I'm posting some pictures but I'd like to show all the pictures I took.

About cross stitch I can post some pictures. There're progresses and finishes.

Before going to the sea I finished a pattern for charity. I had never posted its progresses because I thought to finish it in few hours but it took me more time.
It's a pattern by Passion Broderie for Savoir Faire Vailly. It's my first heart by Passion Broderie and I think that it turned out lovely. I'd like to stitch one for me too.

I also want to share the April progress on my Celtic Summer. During the past month I worked on the skirt with the blue colours.

During the past week-end I didn't stitch a lot but I've some pictures to share.

I started stitching the monthly Flip-It by Lizzie Kate. It's the May's one and I'm stitching the carrot.

I'm also stitching the monthly Christmas ornament. I changed the kind of fabric. I'll stitch the next four ornaments on linen. The fabric is a 28ct Cashel Linen, Purely Primitive by Silkweaver.

Finally I finished a little work for my kitchen.
I found the design on an Italian magazine. I've already used those designs for an apron that I had stitched last year.

The apron I had stitched last year:

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Katrina ha detto...

Hi Bea, your photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing. Congrats on your charity heart finish too, its lovely :) Enjoy your week.

Isabelle ha detto...

Hello Bea! It's good to see you post again :) And again, you have beautiful pictures to share. I love Isola!

Your Isa Vautier coeur turned out lovely as well :)

Happy stitching!

Ulla ha detto...

Wellcome back and thanks for all the lovely pictures.The blue/turqouise so beautiful as a contrast to the houses and the landscape.The sea...I long for summer and the warmer sea.

You have been working hard with your embroideies too.Tha heart is my favourite just now.If you ever want to sell a pattern of a heart...I'm very interested.

Have a nice weekend
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Danielle ha detto...

Hi Bea,
What lovely finishes! And your photos are gorgeous--I am envious of such lovely weekends!!!! Sorry I haven't been by lately--not much computer or stitching time, but I hope that is changing now! Your Be My Love is wonderful, by the way. I am itching to start something by CHS!!!
(The Peacock's Feather--sorry the Blogger ID is for a different blog I belong to)

AnneS ha detto...

Wow, your Tuscan photos are incredible - Isola del Giglio looks divine!! Your WIP's are looking awesome too :D