martedì, maggio 30, 2006

New finish, new start...

During the week-end I worked on the Christmas ornaments.
I finished the monthly one and I went on stitching the sixth. The sixth ornament should be the ornament of August. During that month we'll be off, I hope, and I will not be able to stitch a lot.

The finished one:

A good progress for the next one:

I'm happy because my Christmas goals are going on and during every month I could stitch at least one ornament but I'd like to stitch more and more to have a wonderful tree next December.

I also worked on The Stitcher by Homespun Elegance. I tried two different Needle Necessities to stitch the alphabet but I'm not sure about the result. They're the only good green colours that I have so I'll have to choose one of these even if I think that they're not right for my fabric.

Finally I started stitching my first pattern by Country Cottage Needleworks. I love these designs and I like The Tea Room very much. I started it last week and this is a good progress:

If you love CCN and LHN patterns you can join this group. My friend Veronica opened it for the stitchers loving this kind of designs and we'll start a SAL on the first of June. We're waiting for you!
(I'll take part in the SAL with The bookshelf that is the winner of my poll)

4 commenti:

Isabelle ha detto...

Bea, that is all lovely stitching! Your ornaments are cute and your new start seems really pretty. And I love your stitching lady :)

Katrina ha detto...

Hi Bea, I love your Santas :) and its never too early for Christmas stitching, lol, as its now only 6 and bit months away, eek! where has the year gone too.

Your friend has invited me to join the yahoo group, which I have done, so I just need to catch up on all the posts now, (and need a crash course in Italian :) ) I'll be back working on Coffee Menu during June, just waiting for an order to come with the Crescent color threads. enjoy the rest of your week!

Lana ha detto...

wow! you are really going along there with the ornaments! they are very cute! you will definitely be ready for Christmas, unlike me! last year i tried to do the ornament thing, and I had 8 done, and ended up using four of them as gift trimmers, so now I have to make more for my tree. I like "The stitcher" you are doing, I like the colors. very subtle and pretty! Happy stitching!

zoeandcooper ha detto...

All of your pieces are looking wonderful. I love the stitcher piece. The colors are great!