martedì, marzo 29, 2005

Happy Easter with happy dance!

It was a really Happy Easter.
We had lunch with Lore's family, we were 9 and we enjoyed ourselves. It rained all the day so we stayed at home playing with our oldest nephew. At seven we came back home and I talked by phone with mt bestfriend just to wish her Happy Easter. Then we had dinner with my family at my grandmother's home. We were 14! There were almost all my cousins. My cousin Francy would have liked to see my Mirabilia but it was late and we decided to come back home. But I had to finish my Mirabilia...I should have stitched just a bit...and I did! I finished it! And I couldn't beleive it! I'm so happy till now...
Here is it!

3 commenti:

Carol ha detto...

Oh Bea! She is
Congratulations!!!!!!!! Happy
dancing for you right now too!

Renee ha detto...

Wow! She is really pretty! Congrats! :)

Isabelle ha detto...

Oh my, Scent of Old Roses is one of the most beautiful Mirabilias to me! And I'm even more convinced of that after seeing your finish! She is gorgeous.