lunedì, marzo 21, 2005

I love shopping!

During my weekend I stitched a bit. We went to shopping!
Finally I came back to my favourite herbalist's shop and I bought a beauty cream to have some face packs. Together I received some bath shower samples. I love little samples!!
I decided to buy a loom too. I had never tried one but my cousin and my friends tell that it's useful and the stitches come better. I don't think so because I tried to use it but my stitches didn't change!! I'll try to use it again in the next days.
After shopping we came back to our pizzeria and to the cinema. There was a really nice Italian film.
Yesterday we went to shopping again. Lore is searching a bigger TV but he couldn't find yet. At seven we came back home and finally I could stitch a bit after dinner (a really good dinner...with fresh pasta!).
I attached some beads for my Mirabilia's pattern. I'm going to attach all of them during this week. Instead I'm uploading a pic of my charity's project that I stitched before weekend.

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