sabato, marzo 12, 2005

It was a good morning

It arrived! My first pattern of Elizabeth's designs: Nature's Alphabet. I want to use its motives for a linen tablecloth. I'll have to edge the linen, I'm thinking how to do it. Then I'll place some marks and stitch the motives where marks are.
I received some threads too and a piece of fabric that I need for a special project. The threads are for a sampler that I want to start in the next days. I'd have liked to start it this evening but we're going to have a pizza and a cinema.

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Carol ha detto...

Hi Bea,
Congratulations on your first Elizabeth's Designs pattern! I adore Nature's Alphabet and cannot figure out why I haven't stitched it yet. My friend Katrina did - and it is gorgeous! I plan to do it on 40 ct. Yikes! But I hear it is worth the effort as it comes out so beautiful on the high count fabric.... actually, this pattern is beautiful on any count.
How funny that you are in the same floss club as me (the Cotton Club option, right?)- I post what I get every month, so you will always get a sneak peek (unless I do end up switching to her silks option, because I don't use Caron Watercolours, and she sends them every month)... get ready for blue this month! I also get a floss club from Stitching Bits & Bobs which I post monthly. This one includes cottons, silks and others (like metallics) - and at least her last shipment didn't include Watercolours, so I was happy dancing over that one!

So nice to meet you, by the way! DH and I are hoping to visit Italy in the relatively near future! It is one of the countries in Europe that we have not seen yet.... meeting you may give me a reason to go there quicker!!!