lunedì, marzo 14, 2005


During my weekend I could start and stitch a free sampler that I had seen several months ago. I'd have liked to stitch as I saw it, but I had to finish some of the projects for charity. So I decided to put off it. If one likes France it's a really nice pattern. I went to France three times and I loved Paris and other towns. So I had to stitch it! The designer has already published seven parts of this pattern and I'd like to close the gap before next part.
I chose a 36ct linen, Summer Khaki Edinborough linen by Zweigart and a thread of Crescent Colours, Bandana.

During these days I attached some beads on my Mirabilia's WIP too but they're so many!! Will I finish it??

3 commenti:

Carol ha detto...

Bea, Is this the Sampler Alter Echo from Passion Broderie? I like that one! I need to translate the french though :-) Also, what Mirabilia are you working on?? I got a bit done on my Petal Fairy this weekend :-)

Carol ha detto...

Wow, Bea - the sampler sounds great! Where can the freebie be found? Also, would love to see your Scent of Old Roses wip.... do you have a photo?

Chelle ha detto...

Hi Bea! I searched your blog for the beginning of your Terre de France so I could see what floss you are using. :o) I love your color choice and the variegation is lovely. While searching I found the pic of your Miribilia. WOW!! Your stitching is beautiful. I really enjoy reading your blog.