mercoledì, marzo 16, 2005

How can I use all my hand-dyed fibers?

This is the progress on my sampler. To stitch it I'm enjoying myself very much. I love hand-dyed fibers and I'm really happy to use one for this project.

I'm thinking about using all my hand-dyed threads too. Now they are so many...and I have many Watercolours fibers. How can I use them??

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Carol ha detto...

Bea - That looks beautiful! I have the same dilemma with Watercolours, so much so that I hate receiving them from the Paw Prints club. However, you can use them if you select a fabric that is lower count like a 16 ct Heatherfield would probably work, using one strand of the Watercolours.... Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum's Summer Sampler uses Watercolours.... but I stitched mine on Cashel with the corresponding Wildflowers instead - smaller, daintier stitches :-)