martedì, marzo 15, 2005

The lord of the rings and the lady of the stitches

Yesterday I watched on TV the second part of "The lord of the ring". I love that film!
During the publicity's pauses I updated my website: I uploaded a new free pattern for Easter. During the film I watched some scenes and listened to all the dialogues, as many stitchers do in front of TV. I stitched my bear and my sampler. The sampler is really funny! I'm going to upload a picture soon, even if I haven't stitched the first part yet. I'm stitching the borders and the tree of the first part.
Finally I received my February assortment of fibers. What strange thing! It arrived this morning and my March assortment of fibers arrived this morning too... Double surprise!

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Carol ha detto...

Bea, Congratulations on the super stash arrival, strange as it is to get both on the same day! Thanks too for the link for that LOVELY French sampler - it is yet another MUST DO! I cannot thank you enough. My hubby will love this one too! Your Scent of Old Roses is stunning, and I am looking forward to seeing more progress pictures of that beauty!