lunedì, giugno 20, 2005


It's so hot in Florence and the season is not right to stitch a lot, but I can't stop stitching and I usually stitch in summer too, even if I stitch less.
I couldn't stitch my Sunday SAL because it's hard to stitch it if I have not enough time to dedicate. So I decided to go on with one of my little patterns, a block for a charity project. Here is the progress:

And I finished a very little flower. It's for a quilt to sell on eBay to finance other charity's projects. It will be a quilt sewed with 48 different flowers stitched by 48 different Italian stitchers. It sound wonderful and I'm proud to have taken part in this project. Here is it!!!

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Carol ha detto...

HI again Bea - have missed hearing from you, but glad all is well by you :-)