martedì, maggio 31, 2005

Another week!

I've been written my blog for several days again. I don't really feel to write it or to update my website. It's really hot in Florence and we always go looking for fresh places. There're many town festivals all around Tuscany and we spent three days in three different towns. I didn't stitch as I would have liked but I stitched, even if the weather is not right to stitch, it's really hot!!!

There was another happy dance, a little happy dance, but very happy.
I finished one of my charity's patterns and I've already sent it away. I finished Angelove pattern. It was hard, but I did it! There is a lot of backstitch and many French knots.....Here is it!

I could stitch my PR pattern, only few stitches, but I stitched it!!! I'm stitching the roses, I don't enjoy repeating them but I'd like to finish all the roses before starting a new funny part of the pattern. I think I've not stitched hald of the roses yet...

I'm in other four charity's projects and I start stitching a new one after having finished my Angelove pattern. I decided to stitch A year of Wishmy, the August pattern. I like the colours and I'm enojoying using them. Here is my second progress.

I really hope to write again as soon as possible because I missed my blog!!!

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