martedì, maggio 24, 2005

A week passed...

I don't feel like using my computer during this period because I'm using it all the day and during my free time I prefer stitching as possible.
A week passed and I stitched.
I finished my sixth block of the French Sampler, Terre de France.
One of my May's goals is stitching the fifth block, the sixth one and starting the seventh...I'm going on good!

There was a little happy dance. I finished my Bent Creek pattern, Signs of Spring. Now I have to decide how I could frame or sew it...Unfortunately we can't see the bunny's eyes but there are!!!

Last week stitching blogger's question was:
How many strands of floss to you prefer to stitch with? Why?

I generally prefer to stitch with two strands because I usually stitch on 28ct linen. Otherwise I use one strand on 36ct linen. For example my sampler is on linen 36ct and I like how it's turning out. I don't like stitching on 36ct linen with two strands because it seems to be difficult for me.

2 commenti:

Carol ha detto...

Hi Bea - Nice to see you back!! Your sampler is looking fantastic!! And the Bent Creek piece is just adorable! How is Once Upon A Time coming along??

Isabelle ha detto...

Oh what a surprise... I'm from the Nord-Pas de Calais ! (even though I live in Paris now).

I've just discovered your blog through a comment you left on Carol's ;o) Just browsed your blog and your stitching is lovely! I'll be back ;)