venerdì, maggio 06, 2005


My partner in the scissor fob exchange on EMS forum received her one, she told me she liked it...I hope so...It was difficult to find the right pattern. Well, she likes flowers and bears and they are both easy themes but I've so many patterns and to pick out one among many patterns is disorganized. I picked out a poppy because it makes me think about summer... The pattern is from "Susanna", the most popular magazine in Italy. It's an old issue because I stopped to buy it last year. The old patterns are nice.

About this scissor fob exchange I've just received mine from Heidi in Finland. It's so cute!!! Thank you, Heidi.

I received my order from Silkweaver too. Carol (thanks, thanks!!!) told me about a big discount two weeks ago and I ordered some fabrics. They're wonderful! I bought two Expressions fabrics, I had never seen them before today and I can't believe it, they are beautiful!!!

It's a really good day, I think.

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Carol ha detto...

Congratulations! You are way over in Italy and got your Silkweaver order... mine, no sign of it yet - LOL!! Your fob is so pretty! I don't think you can go wrong with a poppy :-)