martedì, maggio 10, 2005


During my weekend I didn't stich, to tell the truth I stitched a bit. I finished the fifth block of my french Marquoir. It's turning out as I couldn't hope... The picture is good (finally!) and we can see how the hand dyed fiber I'm using is nice. I had finished my fifth block on Friday but I got wrong half block and on Sunday I had to undo and stitch again. And I couldn't stitch my Passione Ricamo pattern... I can't wait for stitching it again!!! There is also a preview of the next PR pattern on the official website.

3 commenti:

Carol ha detto...

Bea, Your marquoir is so lovely! What a great job you are doing!! Thanks for alerting us to the sneak peek for the next PR pattern :-) Very, very cool!

anneke ha detto...

Hi Bea, I love the designs you showed. The Pooh-quilt is lovely! It's an idea to use for everybody and stimulates me to try this again (I'm not that good with my sewingmachine). I like the wallhanger you sewed very much too. The stitching is more beautiful when it's finished.
I want to tag you for a question that goes around. You have to read my blog for it. I hope you can and I hope you'll join.

Carol ha detto...

Hi Bea... hope you are well!