lunedì, ottobre 16, 2006


I love autumn's colours and everything talking about this season.
Yesterday we went to a wood in the country near Florence. We wanted to search some mushrooms but we met a snake at the beginning of the walk and we decided to walk following the path. At the end of the walk my basket for mushrooms was till empty. LOL!
Fortunately one of Lore's aunts gave us some mushrooms and we had a very autumnal dinner! Mushrooms and chestnuts!!!

Me and the (empty) basket

In the wood

Mushrooms and chestnuts for dinner

Lore cooked pasta with mushrooms

and mushrooms

We also played the guitar...well, Lore played the guitar, I played just one or two songs.

During the past days I also finished a kit by Mill Hill I started stitching last year. I fell in love with this funny kit and I immediately purchased. I worked hard on it but I couldn't finish before Halloween. I pulled it out last week because I was going to finish before Halloween (2006!). I worked on beading and this is the result:

I also changed my mini poll. Please, vote!
I'm going to work on my kitted up patterns and I've 31 patterns ready to stitch. I chose five of these and I'd like you to help me to decide the one I'll stitch in the next weeks. Thanks!

The old poll was about two WIPs. I finished both of them, so I closed it.
The votes were 34 and 20 were for The bookshelf by LHN and 14 for Tea Room by CCN.

10 commenti:

AnneS ha detto...

Love the photos ... I'm still drooling looking at the mushrooms ;) Congrats on getting your MH Halloween piece finished - it looks wonderful :D

Katrina ha detto...

yum Bea, your dinner looked divine! what a great Halloween project, well done on your finish :)

Isabelle ha detto...

Those are great pictures of fall! I voted in your poll ;)

Barb ha detto...

I love your pictures. The mushroom dish looked tasty. I love mushrooms anywya. Great job on your Halloween piece.

Annemarie ha detto...

Oh yum, Bea! I swear I could smell those mushrooms all the way over here! Love your Mill Hill project!

Chelle ha detto...

Your Mill Hill project is so cute! The mushrooms and pasta look so yummy. I'll be right over! ;o)

Anna van Schurman ha detto...

I love those Mill Hill kits. There's something about the beads and working on the paper!

Carol ha detto...

I hope you enjoyed your walk - even without the mushrooms :-) Your witches are just adorable - congratulations!

vavadesneiges ha detto...

hi Bea
thank you for visiting my blog
i had a look on your mini poll : excep Laskeside Lodge, i get exactly the same in my stash
after the SAL Blackbird, i'll start Winter snap of Bent Creek

tina ha detto...

It is always nice to see someone who enjoys mushroom picking as much as I do and stitches also. Pasta looks gnami!