venerdì, agosto 26, 2005

I'm back!!!

Yesterday we came back home.
We spent beautiful days in Ireland: we loved it!!! To tell the truth I missed Florence and Italy during our days in Dublin but I was also sad to leave Ireland.
I'm going to upload some pictures in the next days.
I had a cross stitch project in Ireland but I couldn't stitch anything: we travelled all around the island and I had not enough time to stitch...I've just finished "The Da Vinci code" because I should have returned it to my library last week.
I'm going to talk about Ireland again when I pubblish some pictures.

Now I'm uploading some pictures of cross stitch projects.
Before holidays I had stitched some little sachets, one for Carol's birthday and two for my French partner in an International sachet exchange on EMS forum.

I had also finished my second envelope for the Italian mail art exchange. My partner has already received it and I can upload the pictures: the right and the back sides.

Thank you for all your posts!!!

4 commenti:

Carol ha detto...

I love that little sachet you sent me! I put lavender in it.... mmmm, so nice! Thanks again for the lovely bday gifts! Did you know how much I love Michael Powell? If not, you are a good mind reader!!

I officially signed you on to the Celtic Ladies SAL!!! I am sooooo thrilled you joined us! Check my blog and you will see how many ladies are in it now from so many neat places too!!

Welcome home!

Chelle ha detto...

The sachets are very pretty with the hemstitching at the top and I love your mail art envelope. The paw prints on the back are so cute!

Katrina ha detto...

Hi Bea, glad to "see" you back here, hope your trip was truly wonderful.

Isabelle ha detto...

Glad to see you back and to read you had a great time! I had taken a stitching project in Ireland too but like you, no time to stitch ;o)

Your stitching projects are so lovely - and all of them are gifts! That envelope is just TOO cute. The sachets are so delicate as well.
Next time, you have to stitch something just as cute for you. ;o)