lunedì, luglio 24, 2006

What a great start!

Finally I'm in the SAL.
I have my supplies and I could start stitching Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs. I can't beleive it! I had been waiting for my supplies for a long time.
Stitching this pattern is a lot of fun and the more I stitch it the more I'd like to stitch. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I'll be on holiday from 31th July to 22th August and I'll not be able to stitch during those days. I'll take designs and supplies with me but I imagine that I'll not stitch.

I hope to stitch a lot during this week.

Here is my progress on Quaker Garden (stitched on Lugana 32ct, Mocha by Silkweaver) and on Daisy Lane Cottage.

7 commenti:

KarenV ha detto...

Bea, you've made a great start! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress :)

Concetta ha detto...

They're both looking fantastic, Bea! So pleased you started Quaker Garden... :-)

Julianne ha detto...


Your Quaker Garden looks really nice. I'm glad you finally got your materials to stitch it.

zoeandcooper ha detto...

Both pieces look wonderful! Great job!

Carol ha detto...

Great job! Quaker Garden looks like it will be nice on the mocha fabric :-)

Ulla ha detto...

The Quaker garden looks very beautiful.You work really hard.
I wish you lovely holidays too.I'm on knitting workshops August 2 to August 6 so it's going to be a break for me to but not so long.

Have a nice time
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Sharon ha detto...

You have made a wonderful start! Great fabric choice!