domenica, luglio 02, 2006

It's hot!

It's so hot that stitching a lot is not possible.
I started stitching the last Santa of Old World Santas by Prairie Schooler. I've not decided the next series to use but the Santas will be bigger than these ones.

Here is the only progress I can share.

In the morning we went to Arezzo with two friends. Every month there is a big antiques' show in the streets and square of this Tuscan city. Our friends wanted to buy something and we decided to go with them. Unfortunately they didn't find anything but it was colder than in Florence so we spent a nice morning.

Now we're at home and it's so hot!

Some pictures of Arezzo's squares and streets.

2 commenti:

Ulla ha detto...

Christmas in July they celebrate f ex in Australia where they now have the coldest season.Even for us it has been really warm,+27C but now it's only 22 so it's possible to stitch.
I hope you can enjoy embroideries later.Take care
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Danielle ha detto...

Lovely photos!!! It is very hard to stitch when it is hot!! Good luck in the World Cup, by the way! I am cheering for Italy since my grandfather came from Lentini in Sicily!! Go Italia! :)