giovedì, luglio 13, 2006

A lot of pictures

I'm trying to catch up with the pictures I should have uploaded during the past days.

During the past week-end I could sew some ornaments and a wall-hanging. I also framed two designs so I have some real finishes.

For the Christmas ornaments I chose an easy finish. I sewed them using only a fabric. The fabrics are by Meme's Quilt. Here are them:

I sewed a wall hanging using Be my love by Carriage House Samplings. I had found the right fabric several weeks ago and finally it's ready!

The framed works are Coffee Menu by LHN and The Tea Room by CCN. I went to the framer's shop and he prepared two frames. I'm happy how they turned out.

About other stitching news I started stitching my monthly Flip-It by Lizzie Kate. Here is my small progress:

Unfortunately I've not received my supplies for the Quaker Garden SAL organized by Karen. They are taking a lot of time and many of the other ladies have quite finished their samplers. I hope to receive my pattern in the next days, so I'll be able to start stitching it before my holidays in August.

Some weeks ago I had tried to prepare something using decoupage. Finally I took some pictures of it and here is the result:

11 commenti:

Concetta ha detto...

The framing is beautiful, and oh my, your CHS wall hanging is stunning, I love it so much! Congratulations, just beautiful!!

Danielle ha detto...

Hi Bea--all your finishes are wonderful!! I feel so slow like I am never going to get anything done!!! You are great at framing--I take mine to someone else--I don't think I would do a very god job! Congrats on so many finishes.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel ha detto...

Bea- everything you have made is really beautiful! I love your Santas and the wall hanging is very creative. Nice work!

Nicki ha detto...

The stitching is all lovely - Coffee Menu is one of my favourites - but I absolutely love your decoupage on the watering can! What a beautiful and lovely idea.

Leah ha detto...

Wow, everything looks so beautiful--I particularly love your Prairie Schooler Santas. You are very talented!!

AnneS ha detto...

Bea, your Santa finishes are gorgeous - I love them. Your framing looks great too :) And your decoupage watering can is just beautiful ... very creative :D

Carol ha detto...

Your blog is a feast for the eyes today! Great job with everything!!! I adore the Carriage House wall hanging - awesome idea! And your watering can is simply precious!!! Everything is great!

Susan ha detto...

Bea, everything looks amazing!!!

Katrina ha detto...

Hi Bea, what great pics on this post, all your sewing and framing finishes are wonderful, well done!

KarenV ha detto...

Your finished pieces are all beautiful Bea! I like the frame for Coffee Menu, it suits the design really well :)

I'm sorry you haven't received your supplies for Quaker Garden yet but there's several people still stitching so I hope you can join in next month.

elenamac ha detto...

Bea le cornici sono bellissimi ed anche le cose cucite da te!!